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JV Slideshow Module

JV Slideshow is just a small module and easy to use even you’re the beginner.
Once you take it, you got plenty of effects to help you to adjust you advertisements or just take full control of your ads products.
With JV Slideshow you can choose your image sources from folder, from list or from com_banners which has been prepared. Furthermore, you can add or named your images with specific name for each of them, after that you can specify a link for them. As the result, one image can define its link and its title and its description as the user apply to it.
The most interesting things of JV Slideshow is waiting for you to discover it, but we’d like to give you some features, that are: size-control effect, image- navigating, …
All in one word, JV Slideshow has feature to make your (ads/ images) become personalized. So,it’s worth a try.
v1.6.3 and v1.5.3
-Fixed Auto thumbnail
-input data
Addition more effects, and fixed bugs

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Reviews: 1
I really love this module, it works great! One issue I have is there is no documentation, there is no help on the tooltips and you have to guess most of the setting.

Can someone please help me understand how to use Joomla's com_banner with this module? It says banner ID but when I enter the banner ID it just doesn't work. If there is a way to make this work, do you only put the ID for one banner or do you put the ID of the category that your banners are in?

I would really appreciate any help on this.

Thanks in advance!
Reviews: 4
Not fully working with joomla 1.6 and Artisteer templates (and maybe others) this in the past was a good extension but lack of solution lets it down.
Reviews: 97
When I test this module, it works fine in the "auto fetch image from folder" method, but can't work if you choose "manual input" method. Then I submited my issue to the author via his ticket (why not a forum?) system, but it seems that he can not fix this, even in the latest version.

Well, the first method works fine so I give 4 stars here. Hope the author will improve it better.

Owner's reply

Here for "manual input":