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IceSlideShow Module

3.0.2 Stable Release [29-JULY-2013]

- Fixed - JS MooTools conflict.
- Added - Support for image introtext in Joomla Articles.
- Fixed - Strip html tags don't work well.
- Fixed - Autoplay parameter don't work.

3.0.0 Stable Release [10-NOVEMBER-2012]
A responsive and lightweight slideshow module for your Joomla website. Easy to customize. Different Themes ready!

Almost all websites need a big and nice slideshow to display some beautiful photos. At the same time, this part of your website should immediately attract the user attention. So, if you are looking for this kind of solution our IceSlideShow module has all the criterias to complete the above.

Based on the marvelous Bootstrap framework, our slideshow not only loads faster and without any conflict with other modules, but it fits perfectly on any joomla website as well. Your job is simply to choose some beautiful photos to represent your product or brand and the module will do all the job for you.

On the other hand, our IceSlideShow module is fully responsive and your users browsing from a smartphone will see the same quality as your users browsing from a desktop.

Also, worth to be said is that you don’t need to crop your images so that may have the same size. The IceSlideShow will do this task for you. Just enter the parameters for your desired image width and height and your beautiful photos will be cropped automatically.

Unique Features

* Responsive design (works fine on mobile devices)
* Resizes images automatically
* Sort out the articles you’ll display with a single click
* Very easily to be configured

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