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Panel Slider Module

Our Panel Slider Module for Joomla 2.5/3.0 displays your images in an attractive and unusual scrolling javascript slideshow. The slideshow shows the main image, plus a preview of the preceding and succeeding images in side panels.

The display is customizable, you can fully set the dimensions of the display through the module parameters. Other options available include the panel colour (set through a handy colour picker), the panel opacity (set through a slider), the controller display, autostart options, and the duration of each slide. If you don't want the side panels, and just want the main slider, you can easily turn them off by setting their size to 0.

This basic version of the module requires no external extensions. Very easy to set up, you can upload your images using the Joomla uploader which is embedded in the module administration. Just add your images, captions and links as a series of slides and publish the module. You can have as many image slides as you want, and can easily add, delete or re-order them through the module admin.

There are also versions of this module available which integrate with the Ignite gallery, and FW gallery.

Additional Information

This module uses the Mootools javascript library distributed with Joomla 2.5/3.0 - it does not use Flash or require any additional javascript libraries.
The lates release version 1.0.2 fixes a bug with the display options and the color picker in Joomla 3.0

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Reviews: 3
After looking for a slider which includes image capabilities and an "active" text box that lets me link to a supporting article, I contacted the author of Mod Panel Slider.

Although I had a requirement that wasn't addressed, Fiona told me it could be easily done through a minor change to the CSS code. Not being a CSS pro, I was a little concerned about being able to handle the change. After installing the module, it took less than five minutes to make the changes based on the instructions and sample code from the developer. The CSS is very clean and easy to understand.

The basic module does what it is advertised to do - and more. It's a snap to install and configure. Minor modifications, beyond the flexible options, are very simple to undertake.

Support, though not generally needed, is quick; the answers easy to understand.

I wish I had evaluated this module before looking at some others. I could have saved myself a lot of time. I highly recommend Mod Panel Slider. It is well worth the small fee.