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Shape 5 - Image and Content Fader Module

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The S5 Image and Content Fader is an advanced version of the S5 Image Fader. This tool gives you all the ability to transition through up to 10 images plus the ability to add content to each slide with a nice fading effect. Each slide's content and image has it's own configurable settings such as colors, sizes, opacity, paddings, tween time, and more! This module is powered by S5 Effects. This means you will not receive any conflicts with other javascript libraries, your template, modules or components you might be using. Best of all it's free!

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Reviews: 2
Works wonderfully and instantly in Joomla 3.2, very simple to set up. Thank you!
Reviews: 5
After lots of searching founds what I looking for. Very easy to use and no problem at all.
Thank you very much for hard work.
Reviews: 1
Good slideshow. Work good.
Slight problems:
- if picture > 900 px arrows disappear
- does not scale images
Reviews: 1
The module works OK, but the major problem is that you cannot run more than 1 module.

So if you want to have 2 or 3 areas on a page with rotating content/images you can't do it... (it tries to use the same variable names for each instance and the whole thing bombs out)
Reviews: 4
This Module is Amazing, great for displaying Pictures and animated text captions - it also lets you hyper link the images and control colour of the text and caption background!

Its so easy to configure in the module area. The great thing is, that is pics up your original sites CSS and template structure

It also allows Animated .Gifs

Note To Devopers: Please allow this to use .swf files

And to make this a super version (or a pro feature) audio files that can be streamed (if the user presses a play button)

Reviews: 1
Nice and easy to install and configure but there's one glaring issue that means I won't be using it - there's no preload animation which means if you're using large images, the first few iterations through the images you've set up look awful as they fade to nothing while the rest of the images load. Once it's gone round the block a couple of times all is well but you don't really want a flaky looking image fader to be the first thing a uers sees on your site.
Reviews: 2
Has some nice features but definitely needs improvements. Would be nice if the parameter settings could be converted to be universal for all the slides instead of manually entering the css info for each image.

The most major issue is that the description text area div uses a background with opacity. This is what I wanted, but when the slideshow is viewed in IE8 the opacity does not show.

Personally I am a FF user, but those who view the site may not be. This issue needs to be addressed in order for this module to be browser compatible.

If you don't need to use the opacity feature then this module will work fine for you.
Reviews: 4
This module works great in 1.5 native.

I'm a big fan of Shape 5. Their modules and templates have always worked great for me, and their support is 2nd to none.
Reviews: 1
If you are looking for a simple slideshow that just works, this is the one. Nothing fancy, nothing advanced.

I got this one because I was in need of a slideshow, that *doesn't* use mootools, giving me more freedom of scripts.

- Script independent
- Works out of the box
- No bugs so far
- Only 10 images
- Back end could have more options
- Only "fade in" anymation
Reviews: 1
I use this component for my website, it's very simple to configure, nothing complex.
Reviews: 1
Simple to use, simple to set up, works first time!

For a free mod, it's feature-packed. Downsides? 10 image limit, but i'm sure those with a bit of coding knowledge would be able to add some more.

Well worth a try!
Reviews: 13
Installed , Works Great.

The only problem is that back end module management is not display correctly in Firefox, have to use IE(R) Instead