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Featured Items Slideshow Module

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This module can display images from your Joomla! articles as a slideshow, with a caption taken from the text, and a link to the articles.

The module can be used to create an easily editable slideshow by uploading images to a Joomla article, and setting this article as the source for the module.

It can also have a variety of other uses, including creating a front page slideshow, with each main image linking to a Joomla article, or as a handy way to display an image portfolio.

The module includes an HTML5 layout supporting a variety of image transitions.

* The module is smart, it can find articles with images automatically. You can just select a category, and it will find the articles and the images in them, without you needing to add anything to the articles themselves;
* You can choose the number of articles, plus from a variety of orderings, including title order, most recently modified or created, number of hits, or random;
* Alternatively, you can select specific articles only to display in the slideshow;
* There is a large range of customizable features, including whether or not to display the thumbnails, the orientation of the thumbnails (horizontal or vertical), the type of scroller used (click or mouseover), plus whether to auto-start the show on page loading;
* The module is search engine friendly, because the article caption content and the links are rendered on the page as ordinary html, the slideshow being constructed from this content, hence Google will have no problem crawling the article links.

The module supports the K2 content component as well as the Joomla Core Content articles.

For Joomla core content articles the module automatically detects the images embedded in the article html.

For K2 the module supports:-
* images embedded in an html field
* the image field

Compatible with Joomla 2.5. and 3

The module uses the mootools javascript library that ships with Joomla. It can be used alongside JQuery extensions without conflict.

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Reviews: 9
We had been looking for a long time for a Slide Show module which allowed the opportunity to select individual articles or groups of categories or sections.
Found this one by chance and it works perfectly
Very well designed indeed and worth every penny of the £15.000
Reviews: 1
This is a beautiful module with lots of options. I had a small glitch with my links, and the developer fixed it for me for free, even though the issue was not with the module itself. Really great support!!
Reviews: 20
this developer is really talented, this module is perfect
Reviews: 4
I love this extension stabe, powerfull, and integrate with Mighty ressource (my favorite), k2 and Mighty touch (my favorite too lol) and jomsocial
I love this extension
Reviews: 3
This module is more powerfull than plenty of modules from others compagnies especially for Mighty Ressource and K2 intégrations and support is very very good