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Slidingcaptions Module

The module implements a simple image gallery allowing to display picture sliding caption with title/teaser text on hovering. It is based on the jQuery tutorial "Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery" from Sam Dunn.
It supports multiple uses on the same page or on several pages by defining a unique id for each module.
NOW support multicolored background captions for each image.
Change log:
V1.4.6 - 08 April 2013
- added support for link action on caption or on image box

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Reviews: 2
It took me a while to get it working (as I am a bit slow and it took me a while to realise I had to turn jquery off) but now it is working lovely, thank you
Reviews: 1
Works perfectly in Joomla 3x, good information, is free, but remember donate if you can. This people of Joompad has a lot of great extension to work with thumbs, galleries, slide shows..
Reviews: 1
I'm very happy with this extension. It works very well and it's very easy to customise !
Reviews: 1
When I was looking for a responsive version, the developer reacted very quickly and suggested his "Responsive AnimateHover". Great! This module, like most of Joompads extensions, is also highly configurable so it can be styled as needed.
Reviews: 3
Almost unbelievable that someone made such a good module and its for FREE. RESPECT to developer it works like a charm!

There aren't many ways to make Your Joomla site looks fresh, nice, modern, this module is definitely offering much more that you can imagine.

Thank You Daniel Pardons
Reviews: 7
Note only is this a great module, all of Joompad's products work great. Also, the support from developer is fantastic. I requested a modification for our special purposes and they enhanced the mod in just a few days. Great support!
Reviews: 3
a good solution to combine text and picture. And they have a series of great modules on their website!
Reviews: 18
With slight modifications for my style, this little module worked perfectly. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Very nice module, it even works with Joomla 2.5! The only thing I'm really missing is the fade effect also included in the Mosaic project. Do you have any plans on including that as well? Thanks for a great job!
Reviews: 6
does what it says and works good. Excelent customizability. Good css structure. Works out of the box.
Reviews: 5
Iám using this module to show biographies of a list of photographers. Works perfect and the support is excellent
Reviews: 10
Love it! Very easy to modify CSS and looks just like I wanted. Congratulations!
Reviews: 2
This really is a nice module. I use it in 1.6 It's very good customizable. Not much more to say. Thanks!
Reviews: 19
This module does everything it says! It installed without a hitch and the features are plentiful and easy to understand. Being able to edit the CSS settings in the module parameters is a great big plus. I have not experienced any conflicts with other java scripts or mootools. The ability to add multiple modules on the same page without conflict is also a big help. Hats off to the developer. This mod is staying on my site and will surely find a place on coming sites that I am building.
Reviews: 1
Great module. Just what I needed. I contacted the developer and requested assistance. The developer replied quickly, and seeing what I was trying to do, made immediate updates to the module allowing multiple colouration of elements and more. Great support, great module.
Reviews: 3
I am a beginner with Joomla and had no difficulty in installing this module to Joomla 1.5 website.

The instruction given by the developer was very clear and in plain language that I could understand.

This has made a great feature to a photographers' website I have been working on and helped lift the site to a more professional look.

Thank you ever so much