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byهێمن, March 13, 2014
JSN ImageShow PRO
Thanks for making it both free and paid. Great extension...
byهێمن, April 13, 2013
Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar
Thanks a lot. The perfect module for variety of websites...
byهێمن, July 18, 2011
Latest News+ Date
Very good module but I have faced two problems:
1. Performance: I have noticed that it will slow down the page significantly. Particularly in my site which I was about to put 5 instances of the module.
2. Problem when cache is on: when I have turned on the cache, it will not load complete CSS and therefore it will break.
byهێمن, December 12, 2010
I have posted this review to:
- Thank the author.
- Help someone else if they encountered the same problem.

Actually I'm relatively new to joomla. After installing joomla I have noticed joomla perfomance problems. Then I looked for a way to improve it. At the beginning I wasn't so optimistic. But when I have installed your plugin and component. Wow! It improved my site loading about 3-4 times.
The happiness didn't last so much because when I visited the articles, upon first loading everything was OK. But when I visited the same link for the second time, the images was not appeared.
So I have googled and I have found the solution in joomla forums. The problem was caused by the SEF(because I was enabled it too).
So if anyone has image broken problem after installing this plugin and enabling SEF, Just go to "Plugin manager" and change the "ystem - SEF" order by clicking the up-arrow until it becomes the first system plugin.
This worked for me and I'm so glad with the result.
Thank you again for this great job