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by040hosting, November 8, 2012
Simple Image Gallery
At least this plugin does what it says and works, have upgraded to the payed version for additional features, but the free version gives the general idea already, the payed version has some nice additions.

As said in one of the other reviews it is mainly english based so if you need it in another language you will need to adjust it all in the code which can be annoying, point for improvement to the developer ;) keep up the good work.
by040hosting, November 8, 2012
While this plugin is nice, and IF it works (it could be some more polished to be honest) it works simple and beautiful. The support is non existent, they state this on the site as well, but offer a forum for support.

While the answers there are quite quick, and you do get answers, the tone of the conversation is VERY poor and even rude. A request for help will be simply put into (and i quote): try with a plain fresh installation and default template and see what you get from iPhone.

I dont want a plugin on a plain fresh installation with a default template (hence the joomla version was a fresh install, only the template is not, just trying to figure out why the plugin does disapear when it was run on a iphone. Without looking at the actual coding and plugins the programmer assumes it is the template and comes with this solution, which frankly will not be a solution for anyone having an exiting site and want to use his 'supreme plugin' which as the site states: Designed to be non-conflicted with other 3rd party javascripts and Joomla! extensions, which seems not to be the case here.

If he does not want to assist he could have told me so, i would have taken the loss and move on. But this causes me simply to write a review about the rude support. The plugin for non iphone sites and probably with different templates may work well for you, just want to state that if you need support you are on your own.
Owner's reply

Our most sincere apologies if you're disappointed by the support tone, anyway I guess there has been just a misunderstanding. In no way we intend to be rude with customers (never) and nobody said that you had to "abandon" your template, the support just invited you to perform a test, a temporary debug test, to find out potential causes of your issue, if you don't run the recommended test then we cannot help you much.

We do NOT think that our product is a "supreme faultless extension", any software has bugs, when we release a version we use to test it with several browsers and we've never had such issue with iPhone as yours (you can try our demo website right now with iPhone and as you can see it works), that's why we recommended to try that test, if you don't want to run the test recommended by our support team it's up to you.