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by1001notte, May 20, 2011
Often we buy a product and never get time to write a review, now I'm really willing to do it: since 2.2.2 version of JomSocial I starded to see my (little) webcommunity expand, users liked all new features and improvements, and now they are enjoing my site, I too. Sure, a so fully featured community hides always some little bug, not easy at all to manage it, but I noted JomSocial staff always offers a good support and everything get a solution. Sure, sometime is annoying to explain problems in a detailed form (when an admin has a problem he would like solution in a flash time, that's not possible) but I noted detailed infos bring always a quicker reply and solution. I hope JomSocial staff will keep updading their product without negleting suggestions and requests coming from people using JS.