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Great that this is free and I know your aim is for something simple which it is but I found some good and not so good features as follows. Will suit most pretty well so long as you don't mind it being seperate from the core contacts component.

The built in recaptcha support was easy to set up as I had already set up a recaptcha account to create my keys.
Prefilling fields for those visitors that are logged in is a nice touch.

Not an extension of the existing contacts so you loose the fields from the core contact function.
Reentering contact records rather than being able to link to existing contacts in the core functionality.
Only one custom field.
No google map.
Would be nice to see a distinction between messages sent from a logged in user and one that supplied their own email address. Would also be nice to limit the function of sending copy to self to those that are logged in.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback, I'll put your suggestions on the 'things-to-consider' list ;-)
I'm not sure what you want with googlemaps, but email me and convince me to put it in the next release.....