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by2020media, June 12, 2014
eXtro DomainCheck
This seems to be one of the better written extensions for doing domain lookups.

It worked first time in my Joomla 2.5 site.
I found the setup straight forward and the grouping of domains was exactly what I was looking for.
by2020media, October 24, 2011
Simple RSS Feed Reader
The feed module in Joomla didn't work for me. I didn't like the bullet points, and the text broke out of the module width I'd set.

luckily, Simple RSS Feed Reader came to the rescue.
Setup and working in 2 minutes.
by2020media, May 24, 2011
Ninja RSS Syndicator
This was the first non-commercial RSS syndicator I tried but it did the job perfectly.
I wanted an RSS feed for just my site's news articles (which aren't shown on the frontpage) and this was exactly what I needed.

Although I couldn't easily locate any install/setup instructions, I found that I didn't need them.
unzip the install file, upload the com_ and mod_ zip files using Joomla and then go to Components in Joomla to configure the feed.
I then used the module to publish a RSS feed icon so my users could find the feed.
by2020media, March 1, 2011
Shape 5 Domain Checker
This is such a nice little module, it's a dream to modify to your own purposes. Very easy to customise, for example add WHOIS servers for availability checks on other domain name extensions (by editing the simple and straightforward code)

This is a module so frontend interaction is from a module position - not main content area.

Joomla 1.6 version available (free).

Unlike some other similar tools no obfuscated code. Thank you Shape5.
by2020media, January 5, 2011
Having used Billets for 6 months and found it wanting, mainly on the customisation and support side, I've tried RSTickets.
It was a pleasant suprise to find a well written and supported Joomla extension that was well worth the 49 Euros.
The price includes lifetime support on one domain and this feature alone is invaluable.

RSTickets has well structured configuration, with easily customisable email templates. If the templates could include the ticket layout itself this would be a useful improvement. As it is, you can only add custom fields.

Support by RSJoomla has been exemplary - queries are answered by knowledgeable people (Bogdan) within a hour or so, and the answers are right to the point - no flannel about finding answers in non-existent documentation.

Speaking of documentation, it's a little light and mainly limited to an explanation of what each menu item does. There's not really an overview of setting up a ticketing system in Joomla. The Frequently asked questions could be expanded usefully with some of the support team's replies to users questions I'm sure.

RS Joomla has been mentioned favourably at the London Joomla user group and I wholeheartedly recommend this extension.
by2020media, September 24, 2010
Downloaded, installed and published quotes in a few minutes. Brilliant!

So easy to use, everything was laid out in a straight forward way.

Maybe package the module in the main download? But link to module after installation of the component was clearly given and easy to follow.

It would also be cool to display quotes from more than one category, using the module.

Thanks again, very good and useful extension

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Thank you very much for your comments.