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by2ninerniner2, May 23, 2011
I have used many of the menu extensions listed on the JED and have to say that RokNavMenu (RNM) is one of the best to date!

To address some of the concerns others have made:
1) RNM is now non-commercial
2) excellent, free documentation on their site
3) extended parameters available for the supplied "Fusion" menu

Not sure what other "bugs" others have found, but it works flawlessly on, dare I say, a template created with Artisteer! :)

by2ninerniner2, October 11, 2009
I must first start out by mentioning that the a couple of the reviewers should have read the "Dos" and "Don't" more thoroughly. That way, they would have done what I did ... contacted the developer FIRST before posting here about an issue.

Over the last day and a half, Chris and I have gone back and forth to come up with a now properly functioning and validating AWESOME calendar module! :)

The new 1.04 version that addresses both of the issues noted in the reviews is now available via the link provided here.

Again, many thanks to the developer, Chris. The "Joomlasphere" would be so much better if more were as prompt and conscientious as he :)

JCK Editor
As the title states, the JoomlaFCK Editor is now installed and set to the default editor on all the Joomla! sites that I put up for my clients and for myself. Not only is it very "light weight" (that is, it's FAST!) but it does what no other editor does "out of the box":


No more completely or partially hidden "Save" and "Cancel" buttons! The toolbar reflows to fit the available space. This alone merits the use of the JoomlaFCK Editor over any other. My only issue with it is it's "Link" tool; not quite as intuitive as another "popular editor", but is easily remedied by installing the Linkr extension.

An awesome addition to the Joomla! "toolbox"! :)

by2ninerniner2, August 1, 2009
As the title states, I second the motion that this EXCELLENT plugin be included in J 1.6! Beautiful! Simple! Easy! The available styling is just fine for me. What more can I say :)

by2ninerniner2, March 31, 2009
I as well cannot say enough about this extension! And the way the update is notified and setup is something that ALL extension developers should emulate! A nice little icon shows up on the Admin menu bar; click it, and off you go to the download page and a nice one-file update installer for both the component and plugin! So easy! So smart! :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the praise.
However, I removed the update-notification-toolbar-icon in the latest version. I got some complaints that it slowed the administrator down. On every page load, the update-notification tries to compare the current version with a file on my website.
There is still an update-notification in the ReReplacer component and plugin. But not in the tool-bar anymore.
I might create a separate update plugin that you can install, that will check for any new updates from NoNumber! (that are relevant)... If that sounds interesting, please let me know.

by2ninerniner2, September 7, 2008
I have been agonizing with the lack of performance with the Hosting Control Center provided with an account at Go Daddy ... like molasses in January! :) And this is on a high-speed connection.

This awesome component is the salvation! Should be a Joomla! Core component in the next release! :) Cannot recommend it highly enough! :) Great work!
by2ninerniner2, August 27, 2008
Include Content Item
Exactly what I had in mind. Will add so much flexibility to my sites. Thank you very much for an awesome extension :)
by2ninerniner2, August 10, 2008
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Vinaora Visitors Counter
Exactly what I was looking for; a simple counter along with history (Yesterday, Week, Month, All)

As for the images, that's easy! Just create blank ones and save them as the original file names :)

As for the link/ad at the bottom (1.0.5 version), that's easy too! Just edit mod_vvisit_counter.php in the Modules folder :)
by2ninerniner2, July 25, 2008
Page Peel Banner
Worked great out of the box with my site, using J 1.0.15 and the JA Purity template.

As for changing the 'Open Ads', that is quite simple: create a new SWF file and rename the extension to JPG, as explained in the module's Edit area. Or you can rework the existing one, 'clickhere.jpg'...just remember this is actually an SWF file, so you have to rename it 'clickhere.swf' to open in Flash.
by2ninerniner2, May 10, 2008
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I was looking for an easy-to-implement 'tab' system; tried another but couldn't get past first base. Figured that I would try 'Tabs & Slides' and it is EXACTLY what I needed! And the Slides were a bonus! Now I can nest Slides inside of Tabs or vise versa or any combination of the two. Makes for tremendous flexibility of any content. A snap to install and to use! Too cool! Too easy! And works just fine in IE 6! :) Highly recommended!