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Stay Away!!!

I have just wasted several hours of good time trying to get this software to function with paypal Pro to no avail.

Along with those issues- which the developer finally fixed on the 3rd go-around - the embarrassment of English language misspellings is ubiquitous!

I tried to edit some of this in the .ini file which unfortunately took the site down crashing.

When I asked the developer for further help on this issue- his response was an apology for the poor English along with in perfect English I might add: "Pay me to help you."

The lack of proper text editing functions and lack of ability to set the site to read in 12-hour time format as well as US standard date order of Month/Day/year was further frustrating.
Again- when i asked how this could be changed, the response from the developer was "pay me."

PS: I am using the PAID version- not asking for help on the Community version.

All around: A professional embarrassment.
I will be asking for a refund.

How can so many reviews miss these crucial software misjudgments???
Owner's reply

Dear Wendy,
First, I apologize for your disappointment from the extension.

On other hand, I have to note that I’m also very disappointed.

You have contacted me over the weekend, and asked for URGENT help from the first mail you just sent.

I gave you the support the next day and fixed the bug that have been found (less than 24 hours from the moment you have complained there was a bug).
Later on you started complaining again and again that you made some code changes yourself and broke the extension.
As I told you by mail, I can’t take responsibility for any changes done by other people…

For the quick and fast support I gave you (over the weekend!) I got this bad review in response…

IMHO, your reaction was too harsh and does not match the support you have received.