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Contus MAC effect
The effect and upload is GREAT! But buyer beware. Once entered, your albums are locked in the order you load them, and the date loaded appears under each album and cannot be removed or changes. I am not the first to ask for the flexibility to change or remove the date and to reorder the display of albums. The response is that this would COST as an individual customization (which would then not flow over into a future update)! It would be fine, if you upload your images the same day that your event takes place. Hardly the case for most folks. I figured this would make the product useful to many. Can't believe I wasted the money. Not going to pay more.
Owner's reply

Dear User(3sites)

We have clearly specified in our features list of what features we offer with the package and also we are offering free download of trial package for our customers to check/use every feature as specified in our package.

Since the product is open source thus you can modify/change the code according to your needs. If you want us to work on your needs, it will be subject to billing.

We wonder why you have given one-star review to "album order" and "date" points since what you are asking for are actually enhancements and not issues relating to the functioning of existing features.

Also, we enhance our product as and when required, and we have taken your feedback in a positive note. We'll check the feasibility to implement this feature in our product.