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by3by400, September 29, 2014
Advanced Module Manager
We just keep wondering why AMM is still not part of the Joomla core. And, can we also have one spot to review ALL NoNumber products, because each one is speedy, easy to use, and plays well with others. We love it, and it is part of our "go to kit" for Joomla sites.
by3by400, September 29, 2014
RSform Pro
We have tried many forms extensions over the years, but always come back to the very solid, well-written RSForms! It is part of our "go to kit" for Joomla sites. Thanks, RSJoomla!
by3by400, February 27, 2014
Freestyle FAQs
We found Freestyle FAQs at the 11th hour in a major Joomla migration project, and it quickly became one of our favorites! Works as expected and easy to style. Thanks for doing it the Joomla way!
by3by400, November 17, 2013
This is one of our basic tools for every site. We have never had an issue with it...ever...and it simply keeps on working. Timely support for new versions of Joomla, too. Kudos!
by3by400, November 9, 2013
We have been using other form extensions in Joomla for many years, but are appreciative of the simplicity of Breezing Forms. It is simple enough to teach most of our site owners, further empowering them to be masters of their domains!
by3by400, September 27, 2013
After implementing scores of sites with blogs, trying core Joomla articles, then ZOO Blog, we find that EasyBlog really does a great job of offering what most site owners have come to expect with a blog tool. It is especially useful for multiple bloggers on a site and for conversions that include WordPress blogs. The WP blog migration works beautifully.

Best of all, though, is the support at Stack Ideas. They truly strive to meet the needs of their customers and are the best we've experienced in the Joomla world!