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by3cellhosting, July 7, 2012
SobiPro is a bigger learning curve than Sobi2 but that is because it is very powerful. I have several clients using SobiPro and they are all very happy with it. For me it is an opportunity to sell extra styling and flexibility so their directory looks different to others.

Even when we ran into a problem and asked the Sobi Team to investigate, their findings were that another extension was causing the problem. Did they just wash their hands of the problem? No they didn't. They worked a solution out and then decided to include it in future releases. What is more - they did this on a Saturday!!!

I am a Gold Subscriber and I feel that the subscription is worth every penny when you get a great product with great service. Thanks to the SobiPro Team.
by3cellhosting, April 27, 2011
Qlue Broken Link Checker
I have to say that my reviews are few and far between but this extension has been a great help in keeping a client site properly linked. With several thousand articles and ecommerce it is easy to miss some of the links that were typed into an article.

This checker took a few minutes to work through the site content and clearly indicated the problem links as well as highlighting 301 and 302 links on external sites.

A value for money product that I am happy to use on my larger client sites.
by3cellhosting, October 31, 2010
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
Very few products get a review from me but when you get a product that works well and doesn't break anything else then it is worth a review.

I tried 5 other modules (including some paid modules) and they all ended up causing more problems than they solved.

This has done everything required of it and was quite easy to customise with css classes readily available.

Kudos to this developer.
by3cellhosting, May 6, 2010
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
I installed this product and configured it in less than an hour - that included reading the instructions and then putting my own mistakes right!

I had a client site that had been hacked and I thought I had replaced all the Joomla files and cleaned all remaining files. The virus checker found two files I had missed. I was impressed.

A couple of points to consider - when some of the checkers are running the only indicator is the browser tab showing 'loading' so it would be easy to think nothing was happening. A more visual warning that the system was carrying out the task would be better.

The £79 price tag is good value for money. It would save me more than that in time wasted just checking files for one hacked site!

Great stuff guys.
by3cellhosting, December 2, 2009
Phoca Download
This is my preferred download component and clients love it. The only downside at the moment is that the menu option is a simple all or nothing choice.

Howver - There is a patch available on by codejunkie, that changes that and now I can add menu items witha choice of sections/categories/files and this works brilliantly.

With a little knowledge of php and CSS I have been able to style the output to meet my client's needs exactly.

This is now a standard component on my base installation for clients.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review. Since 1.3.1 the menu option (solution from codejunkie) was integrated to the component.
So big thanks to codejunkie.

Thank you, Jan

by3cellhosting, June 8, 2009
Simple MP3 Player
I don't publish many reviews as I am usually too busy. My client needed to demo some of their music and having tried other modules, all of which had problems of one sort or another, this was the only one that worked as expected, without causing any browser issues. Great module and I really appreciate the effort that has gone into it.