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by591dave, September 25, 2013
JUX Mega Menu
Recently we've been using the Mega Menu script in our group's in-house Joomla 3+ template, with good results. After some time using it, we enquired about a feature request (sticky scrolling). We didn't expect anything but thought we'd ask.

Not only were we fortunate to find that Joomseller was interested and working on this feature, but we were lucky and impressed to discover that the developers, represented by Kan, were responsive well beyond the normal call of duty -- to the extent that they were asking about our progress if we didn't respond within a day or two.

It would be an understatement to have simply rated our experience as Excellent. We are always appreciative when we get to deal with people that care about their craft like these folks seem to do.
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I cannot describe how happy I am when I read your review. Thank you so much for the compliment. Hope that in near future we will work together again.

Once again, thank you so much and warmest regards,
JoomSeller Solutions

by591dave, May 14, 2007
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This component has some really nice features.. but if you're considering using it for a high-traffic site, or for very large galleries, you should move on.

Aside from the already-documented issues using the FTP “upload” routine (frequent PHP memory issues when processing large photos) and the fact that the photos are all stored in one bin (you’ll need to name your photos well to have any home of subsequent management), the fatal flaw we’ve discovered, unfortunately in production, is that the program can’t deliver photos properly under high load situations.

When more than one user tries to view photo close-ups in the gallery within the same fraction of a second, the application cannot determine the difference between users, and serves back the same photo to all of them. In practice, what this means is that users click thumbnail A in album X, but are served close-up B in gallery Y – because someone else online had clicked thumbnail B within the same second.

Also, the on-the-fly watermarking routine breaks down under load, and delivers distorted photos. It has to be disabled when traffic is high.

These problems won’t bother you if you have a low-traffic site, but we unfortunately had 500 visitors to a customer’s site within an hour, and that was enough to find out the hard way that this isn’t a long-term solution.
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The FTP upload routine works fine, but PHP must be configured to allow the length of processing needed.

I'm sorry to hear about your high traffic problems. This is related exclusively to the watermarking routine which is not meant for production use. With watermarking turned off you would have been fine.