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This component does not have a check box or text area element for a field type so subscribers are limited as to the fields. Apparently, the developer plans to put that in the next release of 2.1.8 but I wish I had known that the component lacked that prior to my purchase because that is a very important element for me.

Now, I've wasted my monies and feel bad because I have to now go elsewhere and get something else. I wish these developers would clearly specify even the more minute details. Also, there's not a good way for the subscriber to put in their contact information such as their name, address, website, phone number, etc. I have to give some props to the developer though - his promo of the extension looks good. But, unfortunately, this extension has a ways to go.
by905fan, May 20, 2010
Right after installing this FlexBanner component, my site was redirected to another site called crackle. I guess it was this extension that was the culprit because I did not have that problem prior to installing it.

So Beware!!!!
Owner's reply

Perhaps your guess was wrong! There are hundreds of people happily using FlexBanner and nobody has ever complained of an issue of this kind. As long as you downloaded it from via this site I'm sure there isn't a problem.

In future you might want to try contacting the developer of a component before throwing around accusations like this. You'd have seen we have a busy support forum that gives users advice and support.

I'm sorry if you are having problems but please don't jump to conclusions.