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by90Degree, September 28, 2013
FavSlider Responsive Slideshow
This is such a cool, simple to use responsive slider extension. Some great things in life really are free. My only thing on the wish list would be to be able to choose the number and size of the thumbnails that show underneath the main window and have those slide as well. Maybe for the paid version? Thanks so much to the developers.
We've tried multiple business directories in the past and most fell short of features and/or functionality in some way or another until we found this one. This one had everything we needed right out the box. The accompanying template made very little work for us to do because it already looked great. The admin interface is very intuitive and easy to dive right into. We had some trouble getting the 3.0 version installed and set-up properly on our hosting environment but support was fantastic in fixing/addressing our issues quickly.
by90Degree, August 28, 2011
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
This extension put a stop a relentless string of hacker attacks on our site. Support was great as well. Thanks a million for a great product that delivers what it promises!
by90Degree, November 15, 2010
Ignite Gallery
This is THE BEST PHOTO GALLERY COMPONENT available! It's exactly what I think PhocaGallery WANTS to be. Just goes to show ya, you get what you pay for. It's tough to make a FREE extension be great so that said, when it comes to photo galleries, this is one the best and so worth the money - and I've used pretty much all of them.
by90Degree, June 1, 2010
Estate Agent  Improved
I don't understand how anyone could find this component less than fantastic. I've tried all the real estate components available (accept the really, really expensive one) and this one totally rocks for the cost. I disagree with other reviewers who said that it's difficult to modify or customize to your needs. I found this to be very easy to customize. The support is pretty on the ball. The front end user experience is very polished. I'm really jazzed about this component. It's been SO LONG since I paid for an extension and didn't regret purchasing it. Thanks EstateAgent Improved for breaking my drought of Joomla extension remorse!
Phoca Gallery
Honestly, I can't believe the audacity of the reviewer who snarked about his inability to remove the brand from this component. First, that is sad because it's not that hard to remove if indeed you want to misrepresent the work as your own. Secondly, this component is awesome, it's FREE and anyone who knows anything about programming knows that a TON of time went into developing this extension and it's absolutely wonderful that this developer saw fit to release it as open source. There is no gallery component out there that even comes close to offering the functionality that this one does.
by90Degree, January 11, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
I have been using this extension for about a month and have been very happy with it. It's clean, simple and easy to use yet has many additional features not available in the core contact component. I am using it to gather specific information for booking group events and it does everything I need it to do. The support is fantastic as well. Response time was immediate. Thanks Douglas!