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by@lx, November 20, 2012
I installed this component and voilla! If somebody reads my comments you know how critical I am. This is my daily business for my customers and it is hard to satisfy me. But this component is a gain of effectiveness -> installation, adaption of the predelivered mobile layout of the component in details (30 min) - GO!
hell i love it. And it's not that easy to get me enthusiastic. ;)

THX Guys! Great work!

by@lx, January 30, 2012
OSG Seminar Manager
A lot of functions, seems to have been a lot of work, but in my opinion not so userfriendly. And I got an error 404 when klicking on the link in the menu for the courses after setting it up including the course for more than half an hour ... probably not SEM-friendly? Little bit frustrating. Might really get a good extension. But for me to unhandy. Sorry!
OSE Membership™
Well to be honest, I've tested three components of this kind and this one would have been my favorite. Unluckily it did until now not support some functions I needed, so I decided for a different one now. BUT:

a) the support guys are really excellent! Got me!
- so I even registered at their site.
-their fast
-no compromises they keep their word
-customerorientation from which some programmers could learn a lot!
- And I got rewarded for helping them with their new website, they launched!

b) I'll wait for the next Version - and then I'll surely try again!

Runner up!!
Can't wait for their component for J!1.6!
Account Expiration Control
Well for some it might work out of the box. For me it did not. (Joomla 1.5: PHP4 - no chance, white screen, PHP5 - some irritating errors, which might have been correctable, but with some amount of time again; Joomla 1.6: claimed here - no chance to include it - no menu entries, no correct responses and so on).
I wrote an E-mail via the contact form on the website - no answer for days. I can confirm what people write here, about days of not answering to requests from their mailform. And I can even proof I've sent it, because I got a copy of that message to my mail. But the bad part was when I found the programmer at his blog, writing against his customers, I contacted him because of this missing reaction, he was starting to argue with me, that he won't be able to answer if he wouldn't get the mail (from his contact form) and making public discussions with me. I think this is not ok. In my opinion this seems to be an aggressive blog and it still exists. So take care as a customer he might pull you into some discussion. Even though he is very honest - he keeps the counterpart comments also inside. At least he did not delete any comment written by a customer which was not satisfied as far as I can tell.

* After we were in contact, he offered help immediatly.
* I wanted my money back - that worked without any delay.
* The Component might really be powerfull to people that might want to spend the time.
* Might be a good extension in the future for 1.6, if everything worked out of the box.

Even after having a public discussion with this guy I still wish him/his team success and the best for the future.

Owner's reply

We have tested AEC to work on PHP versions ranging from 4 to the latest 5.3 - all working without a problem (we're actually late dropping PHP4 support). Same for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6.

Email Form:
First off - you did get our support package, so you could have just filed a ticket there. The email you sent in got lost and as I already told you in the comment section of an unrelated blog post - if I don't get it, I cannot reply to it. The fact that you got a copy does not make it appear in my inbox, sadly.

I handle all the incoming messages over that form and as you can also read from other comments, I usually respond VERY quickly and of course I reply to ALL requests that come in. To suggest otherwise or to claim that because there is one other review that had the same trouble that you had is misleading.

"Writing against my customers":
I find that very offensive. I have done no such thing and I already got the impression that you did not read my blog post correctly from your first comments on that blog post. What I did was talk about my relationship and troubles with a few of our clients. To make that into a general rule that I am aggressive and drag clients into arguments is simply false and unfounded. You posted a comment that made it clear to me that you did not understand what I was writing. So I talked to you to help you understand it.

The bottom line:
What actually happened was that you could not set up the software (most likely because of a server issue on your end), had trouble contacting us, read my blog post and thought that it was about you. So you wrote a comment and I tried to help you understand.

How this review is supposed to help others make a decision on whether or not they want to check out the software is beyond me. Nearly all of it is about your personal trouble talking to us (except when you comment and suddenly see that when we do get your messages, we are very responsive) and then you throw in two off-hand remarks about how you think people need time to understand the software and that in the future it might be great.

I will report this review because I think that it is not compliant with the JED ToS, based on the reasons I mentioned above.

by@lx, January 12, 2011
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After having a look at three commercial solutions for membership management I finally chose this one. Why:

1. Available - no homepage-errors or registration problems of vendor
2. Works out of the box in all environements (tested three - under php4, php5 and mysql4 & 5)
3. does what it says with easy configuration
4. One can change source if one wants to and individualise the whole component.
5. Payment works propperly with gateways - tested

1. I miss a module so I am able to assign layouts to registration and activation screens.
2. User/Member Management is rather weak
3. Access to Contents can not be clearly assigned - you need extra components which do not guarantee clear separation of funtions
4. SSL should be an option.
5. Payment and membership are recurring simultaniously - I would have liked to charge monthly, even if customer registers for a period of let's say a year.

Support - I did'nt need yet - so no comment on this one. But I see fast responses and what can one want more for that money!

So all in all two thumbs up.

by@lx, September 5, 2006
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Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
The Idea is great, and it looks like there is something that could get part of Joomla. But the Quality and the look, as well as the handling have to be developed a little more.