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A K Creation

byA K Creation, February 19, 2014
RSform Pro
I have used many of the Form Building components for Joomla and without doubt RSForms Pro is the best.
It is very easy to understand and to learn, very flexible, and very well coded. There are lots of extras available to give it more functionality also.
But the best thing about this component is the support. The guys as RSJoomla go above and beyond the level of support I receive from most other developers and have always been willing to help with any queries I have - and very quickly too.
Thanks guys, I look forward to using this component for many years to come.
byA K Creation, December 17, 2013
Form Builder for ZOO
This extension was exactly what I was looking for. I would rather have this as a core app with zoo over the pages app (personally).
But until then, buy this!
Although it still has room for improvement (to be able to use in modules for example), with a little help from the excellent Ray (whose support is fantastic) I was able to get it to do exactly what I needed. I'm sure with Ray behind it it will continue to improve and develop, it has bags of potential.
Massive thanks to the developer for creating something which has saved the day :)
byA K Creation, July 18, 2012
Art Sexy Lightbox
Am really pleased I bought this extension. Unlike some of the other gallery extensions I tried, this one is easy to use, has great support, and really gives your site the WOW factor.
byA K Creation, July 9, 2012
Am really really impressed with this module. It does everything you need and then more, and it's free. Massive thanks to the developer.
I made the mistake of buying a few commercial extensions first, and none of them came close to doing what I wanted. Save yourself time and download this instead.
byA K Creation, June 29, 2012
I was understandably wary at buying this extension as its expensive, but I can honestly say it is worth every penny and then some more.
The extension is solid and robust, and the support is quite frankly, excellent.
Many developers seem to get defensive and angry when you suggest new ideas, and ask for solutions and workarounds - the thinkery are different - they not only provide you with very quick solutions, but then also add your ideas and requirements to the next release, they actually listen to their customers and use it to improve their product all the time, fantastic!
The real estate industry is a very widespread one with lots of different requirements, so even though this extension works straight out of the box, it will not be the exact match of what you are looking for. But simply ask the thinkery how to achieve what it is you need, and they will tell you in plain english how to do it, and most importantly they do it in a timely fashion.
Congratulations guys, if only all other developers were as easy to deal with. I look forward to using any future extensions you release.
byA K Creation, November 16, 2011
Finally, after weeks and weeks of messing around with Joomshopping, and hitting my head against a brick wall, I have made the move over to Hikashop. I just wish I had done it sooner! It is so much better in all departments. Easy to use, easy to customise, and guess what - the developer actually responds to your forum questions!! And all this for a very reasonable price. Thank you very much to the developer, and good riddance to Joomshopping!