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byABTOP, March 2, 2012
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This component offers some unique and interesting features, however is astounding in some very unexpected ways.

First, the lengths to which the author goes to protect the credit link in the front is nothing short of amazing - encoding it along with parts of the interface with base64 is borderline GPL violation to say nothing of potential security risk.

Second, overuse of JavaScript even for simplest UI elements which are better implemented with CSS adds nothing but overhead.

Third, the template structure is a mess. Spreading the template files over different folders, keeping frontend UI elements outside of templating in system folders and extensive use of JavaScript makes this component very difficult to customize to visually match your site.

Good functionality with some very bad UI ideas.
Owner's reply


1) I'm sorry that you were not able to customize jVoteSystem to your needs, but at least you didn't experience any problems in functionality and you didn't encounter some bugs. This is what matters, right? Therefore i'm really disappointed by this review.

2) why didn't you try contact us via support forums? Usually you can expect a fast answer and feature proposals are going to be implemented asap (if reasonable).

3) the encoded parts are removed within v2.05, sorry for that.

4) can you give some examples, where we sould replace any javascript function by a CSS solution? Otherwise your comment isn't much of a help but lowering the rating of this component.

5) the template structure is divided into single elements that get loaded on demand. We are not using any template engine right now. Actually you could easily create your own temlpate by creating folders inside the elements with a different name. But you should not change the basic html structure, because the javascript functions rely on this structure. To be honest: visual customization happens in the CSS-File and not by editing the html-code. But again, feel free to write proposals in the support forum and we will try to improve jVoteSystem!

And always remember: the component has been developed in our spare time and it is for free!

Kind regards

byABTOP, January 4, 2010
This is a very nice module for what it's designed for - random quote rotation. It is fast, for there are no database queries - quotes are stored in a text file and used one line at a time. There is an option to set left or right text alignment. Quotes can be HTML formatted and, with that in mind, this module can be easily adapted for many other purposes.
byABTOP, January 1, 2010
It is not often that a Joomla! component comes along and is so close to perfection that it captures your affection as decisively as this one.

It does what it promises to do, bugs-free, fast, comprehensible. It leaves little else to desire. Well, IP-blocking is on my list, but it's in the works.

Kind as it is to users,it's greater attraction may be to administrators and developers: it will import comments from just about anything and it will use any avatar under the sun. The list of supported components is a mile long. Excellent team-player of a component!

I'll think of getting "I heart JComments" bumper sticker for my car.