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Let me just make this clear from the start - this is not for beginners. Its fiddly and takes a while to setup and get working smoothly and has some fairly tight system requirements. But the same can be said about Magento. Its not really the developers fault that its like this, its just tricky stuff. Once its all in though its a real timesaver and you won't need to touch it again. Anyone who wants to use a very powerful store with huge support that you can do almost anything you want with, but also wants the flexibility of Joomla and the CMS functions it provides, you *need* this extension. Just be warned: first timers to Magento and less experienced developers, you will need a little patience to get it all working, especially if your hosting environment doesn't like it much, but it DOES pay off.
byAFrancis, October 23, 2012
Our company required deep integration with 3rd party real estate software so after some extensive research decided to go with iProperty and we are so glad we did - for really a very minimal fee on top of the base price of the extension we got two additional XML import routines that work perfectly and even integrate with the categories I had setup in iProperty.

Highly recommended software, company and staff. Will definitely use again.