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byAIL, February 2, 2010
Admiror Gallery
I like this Plugin because it is very simple to understand and to install!

It only has one limit which is that I have to mandatory place every gallery to the images/stories/ folder. I will use this plugin for creating galleries and to show single pictures as well. This mess up the way I organize my galleries folders but not a big deal! THIS PLUGIN REMAIN VERY SIMPLE TO USE AND IT WORKS AND THAT'S GREAT!
This is really very good application, many compliments indeed. Very easy to install and to understand how it works. Its layout is also simple and elegant as largely rich. Said this let me point out a couple of things

1) when writing an article and breaking it in two parts with a "read more" button, the "Add Comments" link appear at the end of the first part of the article (I mean the introductory article), I thinks is more logical and would be better if it appeared at the end of the article (the second part) after clicking the "read more" button. Instead it is not possible.

2) When adding the "Add Comments" button the "read more" button loses it ccs style. This is not nice!

3) Finally. This is just a request/suggestion: How is it possible to add a BBCode for (Sharing with )FaceBook as it is for Google, Wiki and YouTube.
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