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byANDiTKO, June 27, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
Until now i was using custom template hacks or even component hacks to display modules the way i wanted.

Now i can do complex module displays with this extension and not hacking anything. Super fast, super easy and super powerful.

I recommend this if you want to take full control of your modules. The interface is easy to use but yet very very powerful. It brings joomla module control to a whole new level!

Many Many Thanks to the Developers!
byANDiTKO, March 24, 2011
Shadowbox Media Viewer
Works perfectly. Easy to setup. Quick download and install. A lot of settings. The default settings work great. One of the features i like is that it can resize large images to fit the user screen. You can put large images and be resized for users with small screens, so no worries. Thats why i prefer ShadowBox.

I can hardcode shadowbox but this plugin is so easy and flexible that i used this instead.

If you have issues, change the settings. Try to disable the JS Compression in plugin settings. Check for Other plugins and JS conflicts. Mine worked perfectly without having to touch anything.

And if you want to speed up the loading. Enable the built in "Customise & Compress" and Select "MooTools" as Adapter.

gosh... it took me more time to review this plugin than setting it up. But it worth it. Thanks again for that great plugin!
byANDiTKO, November 19, 2010
I have used zoo for a long time on my site. I started using zoo 1.0 and upgraded to zoo 2.0. They tried to make zoo 2.0 easier but i cant do simple things like display a raw field value.

Another thing. No multilingual support. YooTheme is based in Germany. How can they forget about German/English sites.

Support for free version is ZERO! I tried many many times to contact them. Including reading the documentation, leaving a comment there. My comment never got approved. I tried to leave a comment on their blog, also never approved. I tried to send them an e-mail and they never wrote back. Never! Not even to say, "you know, we only help you if you pay us".

I wanted to contribute and give ideas and hacks that will improve zoo. I feel sorry for the Zoo Component. It has a great potential but ZERO support from the developers.

Dear YooTheme make a public forum! Or change your license type because this is not Open Source ...
Owner's reply

In the ZOO description above it is clearly stated that ZOO does NOT support multilingual sites. It is also generally known that you can get support in our support forum if you buy to a ZOO membership.

We wonder why it is possible to give a bad rating in the JED because of a not supported feature request and because we only offer payed support?!

byANDiTKO, November 18, 2010
CDN for Joomla!
I installed this plugin and with a super simple configuration i did exactly what i needed. In about a minute my site started to read my static content from my subdomain. Recommend this to everyone who wants a speed boost!
byANDiTKO, November 9, 2010
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Add FullAjax
I havent tried this plugin yet. But i saw the demo.Looks easy to enable.

Only 2 things are missing.
1) More good looking URLs
2) Loading animation so some users dont duble and triple click untill the article is loaded.

Great job!And very good that dosent break SEO. If you disable JavaScript the site works as normal so Google will Craw it with no problems.

Im adding this extension to my Favorites and i hope you will improve the two things i said.

byANDiTKO, May 16, 2010
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Country Block for Admin
Well the idea of the extension is not bad, but why is this Commercial? You can block countries and IP very easily with htaccess for free. Just search on google and you will learn it to do it free. There is no point to buy this plugin.

Also there is more clever way to protect your "administrator" directory if you have static IP. Just make a .htaccess and allow the access only to your IP address and its almost impossible for someone else to access your admin directory.
byANDiTKO, May 28, 2009
sh404SEF Is way better than ARTIO JoomSEF.sh404SEF has more options,it works both with or without htaccess,its free,its easy to install and has more extensions.Why anybody would use ARTIO JoomSEF?
byANDiTKO, March 15, 2008
Thank you.Thats all i needed!
Simple and useful.