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byARUS, May 6, 2009
Nice and clean opportunity to manage sermons for our church. I like the fast way of adding and displaying sermons.
Compared with the complex Bible Study, it lacks some features:
- ALC (make particular sermons online avaible for members)
- layout options
- real scripture reference (with dropdown-lists of all books and chapters of the bible)
- Frontend upload for others to upload our sermons (sometimes I´m not there and someone else deals with the mp3s...)
- German translation

In return, it is much more easy to use than BibleStudy.
byARUS, July 6, 2008
2J Tabs
nice features, but imo the module is not worthy for being paid. Tabs and Slides in Content does nearly the same for free, also for both 1.5 and 1.0
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback, let me compare for you, to show difference between Tabs and Slides and 2JTabs (to make you able to decide if it’s worth to be paid). My guess that you didn’t buy our product and wasn’t able to compare them to see difference.

2J Tabs have 4 ways of usage on the front end (btw Tabs and Slider can be used only one way):
* using regular module you can insert tabs with content articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tag which you will be able setup in component , and after that insert to the content article as tabbed content section. So you can insert tabs with articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tags to split one content article to the tabbed section;
* direct link to the component;

When you use 2JTabs with mambot tags (namely insert tabs instances into content articles) you able to specify personal style for every instance of the 2JTabs (not sure that you will be able to do something like this with Tabs and Slider);

2JTabs have 21 pre-installed skins and ability to make your custom skins based on preinstalled custom style , using CSS editor (in joomla admin section / 2JTabs component);

2J Tabs have few navigation modes:
* using regular tab navigation buttons (on top or bottom of the tabs block);
* using auto rotation mode for tabs changing process (with effects);

2JTabs have Slide and Fade effects, ability to align navigation buttons on left or right of the
top or bottom side of the tabs panel.

2JTabs can be navigate in automatic or manual mode. In second case tabs could be changed by click or by hover.

A lot of customization options make you able to manage every element of the 2JTabs front end interface, using diff. alignment , padding options.

And much more options, which you can see in our product details (against of 2 settings options of the Tabs and Sliders….)

I think it’s not fair to compare Tabs and Sliders (plugin with 2 settings options) with 2JTabs (component + module + plugin with more then 40 settings options!!!)

Great add-on to 2JTabs it’s FREE and FAST support , which help you to sort any kind of problems right away (we’ll help you in the case if you will have some kind of conflicts at your site between 2JTabs and another extension).

We’re ready to reply to any kind of questions related with our extensions right away, just let us to know !

So right now it’s up to you to decide worth this extension to be paid or not !