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byAaronMorrison, April 23, 2014
CoalaWeb Social Links
I have this on two sites now, and will continue using it for others.

This extension has several built-in styles that all look nice and modern.

The administration areas are easy to configure.

Support from the developer is excellent - one site had an issue that was actually my fault, and he told me where to apply the fix within 30 minutes of my posting in his forum.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review CoalaWeb Social Links. I pride myself on fast and helpful support so its always nice to get feedback such as yours. Feel free to drop by the forum with any ideas for improvement or feature requests.

byAaronMorrison, November 26, 2013
JU Tabs
Works as advertised.
This extension was used for a magazine site in conjunction with a customized mod_article_news module.

The documentation is fairly clear, but for me could use some better translation to my native language of English. Not a problem if you read carefully though.

I had a javascript conflict on my site, Vinh found it immediately and the problem was remedied.

It works everywhere - in content, modules, modules within modules, and tabs within tabs.

JU Tabs a great templating system for different stylings.

As a developer I will certainly look to Vinh's extensions whenever applicable.
byAaronMorrison, February 11, 2013
This is just what I needed for my client's web site. It does everything they claim and more - I needed some custom coding done to it, and even offered to pay more money, but they made my changes to the coding for free.

I will not hesitate to use their extensions in the future.
byAaronMorrison, July 2, 2012
Virtuemart is easier to use now than ever - VM2 workflow and gui are even more intuitive.

Templating is improved by taking advantage of Joomla 2.5's override methods.

I always end up paying less for any add-ons I need to go with it than with other carts.

On top of all that, I get great support from the development team.
byAaronMorrison, February 9, 2012
It does take a minute to get the scheduling heirarchy figured out. After that it is great. The coding is clear enough to make it easy to customize to your needs.

Support for this component is good as well. However -


The language file does not allow exclamation marks (!).

The removal of jobs leaves entries in your database that can show up in the frontend (duplicates).
byAaronMorrison, December 23, 2010
Cache Cleaner
Does what it claims. Very nice, thank you very much. Now I don't have to make this extension myself.
byAaronMorrison, December 21, 2010
Ignite Gallery
Fantastic extension, best gallery I've tried so far. And it is getting better, v2.7 added some great features...
byAaronMorrison, November 16, 2010
Easy File Uploader
Works, works, works. It does exactly what it claims to do. The ability to insert into an article is great (that is how I am using mine).
byAaronMorrison, October 13, 2010
Pro Magic Audio Player
ProJoom completely fulfills my need for a multi-user mp3 player.

1. Super easy to install.

2. With some custom code, multiple user types can upload songs from the front end.

3. Has some good styles built-in with many options for custom styling.

4. Loads songs from multiple directories, easy to have different media source directories.

5. Good documentation.

6. Excellent Customer Support. I got all my questions answered within several minutes of hitting "send" :)

7. I would pay $60 for this if developed as a Jomsocial extension.
byAaronMorrison, September 26, 2010
Blog Calendar Reload
Joomla has a bug wherein the stock archive module returns a 404 when used with all SEO setting set to "yes". But then I found this component/module and it works like a charm. Simple to use, works out of the box and also allows for just a list of archives (no calender). Thank you very much for this.
byAaronMorrison, August 16, 2010
This is an excellent extension. Fast, simple, works great... It may replace my other favourite contact solution "AIContactSafe" after I start styling it.