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byAble, September 10, 2009
MediaWiki Login
Rarely do I compliment something that works without fault.

I downloaded the required files.

I followed the English Guide at:

Logged to Joomla and since I run my Media Wiki through a Wrapper, clicked on the Menu Item and hey presto, the username that I have not registered with the MediaWiki installation is in bright red at the top.

Seriously Excellent Work.

My biggest problem has been getting things like Joomla 3rd Party FAQ Extensions to work and Other Content out of the Joomla Sections/Categories as I do not wish to fill the Joomla Articles areas up with too much Content as I find it hard to browse and Control.

I had a MediaWiki Installation but have not really used it yet as I really wanted to use it from the Front End of Joomla. As it is in a wrapper I can now.

byAble, February 18, 2009
Renat running text
Simple no hassle install for a scrolling text, which I used in my 'breadcrumb' section of Milkway template. I did not want anything that took feeds to make the headline. If you want something simple where you add your own text then this is it.