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Accredited Design

byAccredited Design, March 2, 2012
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Oh my goodness, you have no idea how easy and how effective this little plugin is. Thanks for such sheer power for free.
byAccredited Design, March 2, 2012
Simple Image Gallery
I liked the simplicity and clean look of the free version so much that I purchased their "pro" version which comes with many extra settings/display options. A display setting option to choose how many thumbnails to have per row and centered would be nice, but you can achieve the desired result by playing with the thumbnail size settings in the plugin and flipping back-and-forth from backend to the frontend.
byAccredited Design, March 2, 2012
After trying several Blog components for Joomla! I became frustrated for various reasons, and always had a "But I wish it could do...this" moment with the others. After trying EasyBlog, I was blown away with it's feature rich admin and beautiful front-end presentation. I have been running this on a site (won't name here) and I can tell you that I have over 1,500 ORGANIC unique hits per day on that blog, 75% of which are unpaid organic google search referrals! I'm an EasyBlog "lifer" at this point! Thank you StackIdeas for a masterpiece component, and thank you for caring for your customers. It shines brightly through your fantastic tech support. Every email thanked me for being a customer, unnecessarily apologized for any even small inconvenience, gave a fixing solution promptly and stressed to not hesitate to contact if I had an ounce of trouble! You guys(gals) ROCK!
byAccredited Design, August 10, 2010
JS Testimonials
In the day and age of the Gen-Y internet "shopper", having a robust testimonials area on ANY website is a critical must.
I've been looking everywhere and tried ALL the other "Testimonials" modules and components out there, and have to say beyond question that JSTestimonials is light years beyond the others.
It is feature rich, easy to install and configure, and allows submitters of testimonials to submit an audio or video testimonial!
I have to admit that I submitted a support ticket to simply to see/test how they would respond or not, and almost fell off my chair at the prompt and professional response I received. Any business out there could take lessons from and have something to learn from these guys on proper support and customer service.
I'm in awe, and I promise I'll never "test" you guys again!! I'm sold.