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byAdam_NZ, October 29, 2014
Admin Help Pages
Being able to create customised, private help pages for admin users is something that's been missing from Joomla since day one. Each Joomla site I create usually has specific operations or functions that won't be covered by the standard Joomla Help pages. I've always been amazed that it isn't part of core Joomla.

This is an incredibly useful extension - and very easy to use. I grabbed the Pro version within minutes of testing out the trial.

The developers have a very active forum - they listen and respond to requests. The more feedback you give them, the more the extension will grow.
I've been a Joomla user since Mambo days (yes, I'm that *OLD*, LOL!) ... and it takes a fair bit to prompt a review from me.

I've tried all sorts of Joomla carts over the years and they've usually been nigh-on impossible to set up or lack the just that one basic feature you really need.

J2Store (Basic/free) installed in Joomla3 quickly and painlessly - and a simple online shop was up and running in a matter of minutes (honest!). "There must be a catch" , I thought, but no - all the common features are there.

Within a day, I'd persuaded my client to shell out for the Pro version (incredibly cheap for what you're getting).

Inevitably, a few hours later I acquired a "wish-list" or noticed a few minor issues. Ramesh responded *instantly* (and helpfully) in the forum. I didn't even need to raise a ticket. With support like that, this extension/application is definitely "going places".

So ... if you're considering a Joomla shopping cart, try the basic version. It won't take you long to evaluate it - and you'll be a "convert".
byAdam_NZ, February 8, 2014
I've been a Joomla user since the very beginning (Mambo days!) and have used dozens of extensions over the years (payware, shareware and free).

There are only a handful which I feel deserve "Oscars" - and Flexbanners is one of them.

Yes - I'm sure it could be improved in many ways (how long is a piece of string?) ... but what it does, it does well ... very well.

A classic yardstick is the quality of support. Here, the developer responds quickly and is friendly. Not bad, considering we're getting his skill for nothing (or donation).

With a bit of active input in the support forums from us users, I'm sure additions/improvements will be made in good time.

In short - *highly recommended*.
byAdam_NZ, July 18, 2013
Thank you, Alfred, for this amazingly useful tool. It deserves to be part of Joomla core.
It all started with "Articles Anywhere" - with a pre-sales query that was answered promptly and comprehensively. I ended up buying the Pro version of "Modals" as well - to show some appreciation/gratitude.

It turns out I needed some help with this as well (user=idiot)!! Again, Peter was quick and helpful. What more could you want?
byAdam_NZ, September 24, 2011
Akeeba Backup
I may have already reviewed this ... but it's worth a note that, combined with Admin Tools, this makes upgrading from Joomla 1.6.x to 1.7 totally painless. The whole process (including a before/after backup) took less than 10 minutes .. with absolutely no issues.

This has to be welcome news for all of us that are all too familiar with the Joomla upgrade "dance".

Congratulations to the Akeeba team .. they deserve Joomla Oscars!
byAdam_NZ, June 17, 2011
Mosets Tree
I only discovered Mosets Tree after getting 3/4 of the way through hand-coding a similar application from scratch. Not only has this saved me about 6 months of solid work, it's about a million times better!

There is incredible attention to detail - and many of the features are very well thought out ... and genuinely *useful*.

I've been with Joomla since Mambo days and I have to say this is probably one of the best written add-ons I've ever used. With a complex component like this, there are always going to be questions (it's highly configurable) and I have to say the support has been amazing. Friendly, fast, and helpful (what more could you ask?). Reading that negative comment earlier, I can only presume Lee must have been on holiday (he certainly deserves one, LOL!).
byAdam_NZ, June 8, 2011
RSform Pro
This has to be the Rolls-Royce of all forms components.

It's incredibly flexible and powerful yet easy to use.

The support for PHP and JS scripts allows you to do almost anything with these forms. I've been querying the Joomla database and other (external) databases and populating drop-downs happily. Same deal for the captured data - you're limited only by your PHP/MySQL skills ... it's awesome.

To add to that, the support from RS is fantastic. They're developers - like most of us - and are sympathetic and helpful (and quick!).

Try the free version to get a feel ... but honestly - don't waste your valuable time - just go for the Pro ... you won't regret it!
byAdam_NZ, June 7, 2011
Admin Tools Professional
This, combined with Akeeba backup, are the two add-ons that every Joomla needs to have. No discussion ... just get it (them).
byAdam_NZ, June 5, 2011
Qlue ToolTip
Tremendous little plugin. Very easy to use and easy to configure. Highly recommended!
byAdam_NZ, May 15, 2011
Though I'm a Joomla user since Mambo days, I'm a relative newcomer to this blog "thing". I got sweet-talked into EasyBlog because of a promotion and didn't really know what to expect.

I really can't compare with other blog add-ons for Joomla, but I know a good component when I see one. It's *immensely* configurable but not in a daunting way. All options are sensibly laid out and commented. I've managed to get up and running without even finding out out there was a manual. Not only is that unusual for an add-on as complex as this, it means full credit to the developers.

A Joomla addon is often only as good as its support. I did have an installation issue, which was fixed pretty well *immediately*, courteously and helpfully. Mega star rating for that!

I went in at the deep end with a commercial subscription, but if you can get to try out EasyBlog in any shape or form - free, restricted - whatever - I guarantee you'll not be disappointed!
Owner's reply

Thank you! We did took quite a while to restructure our whole back end interface :)

byAdam_NZ, September 18, 2009
I've had this add-on since Joomla 1.0 and have nowupdated to 1.5.2 for my Joomla 1.5 sites.

There's no other extension quite as functional - nor one that's as easy to re-style. It's well worth visiting the forums for help and tips ;-)