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byAdnet, October 2, 2014
SP Upgrade
I dont know what kind of sites those people have with the good reviews,my site has over 40k members and most important to my site didnt work almost nothing of what they are promising,i even asked for their payed help,i offered them money to help me make the upgrade,nothing at all.
Where others find the suport great,i dont know it.
I am still in 2.5
Owner's reply

We tried several times to contact with you via email, but it seems that our emails never come to you because they are rejected from your email provider.

Could you please contact with us via phone so we can be able to assist, or check why you do not receive emails from

byAdnet, May 29, 2014
It works perfect with SMF.
Everything as promised.
byAdnet, December 7, 2013
I installed the module but is not working, i tryed everything to make it work but no luck.
Owner's reply

rHi, please try to put the module on the top most position (breadcrumb or search) and use the newest version. If you have problems please contact me by email or fill a bugreport at Thanks

byAdnet, May 29, 2013
Quick Cache Cleaning
Thank you,
you saved me time and nervers.
Both very valuable.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

byAdnet, May 19, 2013
Easiness login & register
Not working , no support, they write in their forum that they stopped support their scripts and their site, because they dont have time.
byAdnet, May 4, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Akeeba back up is the most usefull extension to have. It can saves you 1000s time with just a click on a button. How many times did you blow up you site with an instalation and spend hours and hour to fix errors ?
With this extension is only a click to a button.
The support is perfect when exists,is fast and accurate but many times is closed.
byAdnet, May 4, 2013
IP Mapping
does everything as it says,
if you have reasons to use it is perfect.
byAdnet, January 13, 2013
Easy Frontend SEO
I saw kubik site with a lot of free plugins and i said what the hell why not to try some off them, i cant say yet for the rest of the plugins and modules but this one is doing what it supposed to do 100% ,easy to install and to set up.
Kubik i cant call him friendly (maybe too many hours online helping idiots like me)but he supports his scripts fast and all these for free.
I wish they were more Kubiks in Joomla, they make our life easier cheaper and more interesting.
Thank you for the this script.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

PS: We had no personal contact with each other, so you can not say that I am not friendly! ;-)

byAdnet, January 11, 2013
Universal AjaxChat
Lets start with goods,
easy to install and set up.
Very good idea and now the bad

You buy a script with only one month support and updates ,
if you want 6 months updates you must buy both versions (1,5+2,5)
or you have to pay again the script. One month is not one year.

Heavy for the server even with litespeed.

Configuration from admin is not working well.

Support level bellow zero , they dont respond tickets at all.

I used it for 3-4 months, now i have problem with the shoutbox, it stopped working, i asked for support zero help, i trued to redownload it because i formated the pc, i have to pay again.

i liked the script very much thats why i rate it fair and not poor.
Up to you
Owner's reply

how the component worked properly for months and suddenly stopped working?
You want to download and get support even though your subscription expired?
if I give you permission to download, I must do for all members of our website without exception ...
Very strange! if you do not obey my demands I use JED Review system to destroy your reputation
Anyway thank you for the effort and time spent to write this