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byAdytzu, February 5, 2013
Responsive Photo Gallery
Well, for what is worth, i've been looking for something like this for a loooong time! after numerous days and nights of searching for something remotely close to this, and also 2 complete reinstalls of joomla thanks to galleries misfiring, i came across this wonderful module. Believe it or not, i disregarded it at first, not knowing what responsive is (Yes! I am that big of a noob!). But with some fear in my heart i installed it. And what came after it was amazing! I started to tinkle with it, made small changes here and there (THE CSS IS SO SIMPLE EVEN I UNDERSTOOD IT! IF YOU READ A SINGLE CSS FILE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND IT!) and in little time i had it completely set up! PERFECT! JUST PERFECT! And did i mention the support? Being the noob that i am, i got stuck in a few places. And i decided to contact support. Well guess what? It came right away! Some other galleries guaranty a 24h response! Well this was not the case. I sent about 5 emails only today and every single one of them got answered! It was like i was chatting! GREAT PIECE OF SOFTWARE, GREAT SUPPORT, GREAT CUSTOMIZATION POSSIBILITIES! I would give it 7 stars but since i can't i will settle for 5!
Owner's reply

Adytzu... I am humbled by your very kind comments and rating. They make all the development hours worth every sleepless night. Thank you again and please let me know how else I can assist moving forward.