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byAffableaardvark, September 22, 2014
We have used various ecommerce sites such as opencart,zencart,prestashop and Joomla carts such as Mijoshop and virtuemart though none are as easy as Eshop to configure and use as well as the speed. Currently we only have 8,000 products which were easily imported using an EasyPopulate type extension from the same suppliers.
We tested Eshop extensively on a test site and then with the help of Giang moved it across to the live site. The Mylinda review below does in no way reflect the experience we have had and we can fully endorse this extension as reliable, fast and Extremely good value for the small amount of money that it costs and the support transcends any support we have had from any other paid extension.
Setting up the site and adding products and images did not require support as the instructions provided are excellent.
We only needed support to implement a SKU search into the main Joomla search rather than use the provided Ajax search module and additional support with copying sql across from the test server to the live site.
Thank you Giang the move was painless and your help greatly appreciated.
byAffableaardvark, July 2, 2014
ExtraWatch PRO
We tried the Pro version on our site and was impressed with the level of detail available but decided to go with the hosted version (€1.99 per month)that offered us more speed. Excellent support and Highly recommended.
byAffableaardvark, June 3, 2014
Microdata Google Breadcrumbs
Thank you for this free module which, as others have remarked is one of the easiest to set up and looks good.
Excellent work.
byAffableaardvark, November 1, 2013
ACL Manager
I purchased this software this morning as my site was an asset shipwreck and I was unable to login to the back end without using a root configuration hack.
I installed the ACL Manager and because of the site errors it was unable to run.
Sander in support replied in less than 10 minutes and with access to the database and eventually the site, fixed it. I cannot recommend this quality of service enough and it is embarrassing that it only cost €15 for 6 months support.
If you are like me after spending hours on google trying to find answers save your self the problem and install this if only for the support.
byAffableaardvark, July 26, 2013
Thank you for this extension. Using it on a 3.11 and 2.5 site and makes altering the site titles easy and very effective.
byAffableaardvark, February 15, 2013
Tried this and when I set the plugin to re-direct my main site went blank. Noticed on the Wiki that a lot of people are having the same issue.
I am using 2.5.9 and installed the plugin at the last position as detailed in the documentation.
Owner's reply

We have just released a new version with may fixed your issue. Try it now :)

byAffableaardvark, February 11, 2013
Universal AJAX Live Search
Only costs $20 and a very quick support response as I had a clash with JCH-Optimize. The images are an added bonus and noticed from a previous comment you can now disable the magnifying glass if you want to.
Thanks Great Extension
byAffableaardvark, October 3, 2012
Global News
Thank you for another excellent Module. Took 10 minutes to get it just the way I wanted though with so many options this is understandable.
byAffableaardvark, March 21, 2012
Mini FrontPage
Registration took seconds and so did setting up my home page so that it shows 12 of my most popular articles. I have it installed on Joomla 2.53. Thank you, ideal for what I wanted
byAffableaardvark, August 31, 2011
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
Liked the look of this so purchased for €8.99. The download link came through within seconds and installed. Slight problem my side getting it working though a quick e-mail and the developer fixed it and it works well. Much better than the other contact forms we have used.
Very professional service and makes our 1.7 site a lot more attractive.
byAffableaardvark, January 4, 2011
Vinaora Visitors Counter
Knowing how many Bots is useful to me and it can be turned off. Installed quickly and allows you to alter to suit your template. Wish all mods were this easy. Thank you very much.
byAffableaardvark, August 13, 2010
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
As many others I had my site hacked three times before I decided to install this software. Along with GuardXT this software provides excellent security and is a Bargain for what it does. I get several e-mails a day detailing the exploits and advising the IP's banned. I noticed a lot of hack attempts using sectionEx so I have uninstalled just in case. Without this software I am sure my site would be a mess and with over a 1000 articles I do not want to start again.
Recommended *****