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byAlart, July 30, 2013
EZ Realty
Kathy went over and beyond to help with an issue to with the PDF Download function. She actually took the time to build a new script to help me out. The component is a really the best out there, helped by the support I would say look no further.
byAlart, May 29, 2013
HD-Background Selector
I found this module excellent. Make sure you don't have a background if you use Artisteer templates.
Very simple to use and the documentation simple to understand.
byAlart, May 29, 2013
This component is really great and works perfectly with 2.5 hence the GOOD rating however I found I needed the site to be responsive. So I had to upgrade the site to J3 and download their other package for Joomla 3. The component is not ready for that platform and certainly doesn't work unless you have a template ready with Bootstrap.

The support was really good while I was configuring with the first instalment with 2.5 but because I had so many issues with j3 the support virtually stopped, they would ask a question which I would answer immediately then I wouldn't get a reply for a couple of days. This went on for a week it was like they wanted me to give up., In time I did and bought another similar component.

Before you buy:
1 make sure your site is Bootstrap
2. If it an Artisteer template it will not work
3. Make sure you have a client willing to wait while you go back and forth with support
Owner's reply

Hi-- as you pointed out in your review, the problem was with the template, not our product. Joomla is still undergoing some changes with how it handles Bootstrap, and many template developers are still catching up.

I checked your support threads, and the majority were resolved the same day you posted them-- I'm sorry if you had other issues.

byAlart, April 14, 2013
MoeScroll Advanced
The module works like a charm, I had a few issues that were my fault but still had a great support.
byAlart, February 26, 2013
I must say having this component has made me sleep at night. I have installed this on all of my older sites and now have 100% tightened security. I am going to add this to all my sites when I have time this is a must have to all website designers.
byAlart, May 18, 2012
BF Auction Plus
This extension is great, had a few problems but was quickly sorted by Tim. The extension works very well, highly recomended.
byAlart, February 23, 2012
I must say I have been waiting ages for this new version to appear and I am very disapointed. Its complicated and unstyled unlike the much superior older virsion. If you want to spend half your life trying to work around the new setup and then style from scratch then this is for you. I really dont know why its the editors pick? There are much better shopcarts out there.
byAlart, February 21, 2012
Ignite Gallery
Its perfect, it's easy to administer, the documentation is easy to find and understand. I have looked everywhere for a good gallery component. nice work guys.
byAlart, February 14, 2012
HOT Login
This plugin just works I spend three days finding a simple dropdown login, I paid money and wasted my time messing about trying to make any of them work, then I stumbled on this superb plugin, its easy to stylise its easy to redesign the png images, it overal fantastic, and wait for it its free?
byAlart, September 6, 2011
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Community Builder
They need to simplify, the very busy website, the documentation is so complicated and time consuming, I would suggest getting someone who's not a programmer or rocket scientist to read it first before offering downloadable docs.
I also think the overal design is really bad and ugly , so it needs a lot of hacking the css, overal its just to hard, I give up:-(
byAlart, March 22, 2011
This was the easiest component I have ever had to load. It works seamlessly, perfect, fantastic, top marks and well done. phew!!
Owner's reply

Thank you! This is why we named it "EasyBlog" :)

byAlart, January 18, 2011
Well what can I say but wow! This extension is perfect, I had a client who gave me a list of functions they wanted for their password protected file download, I found this one almost straight away, its fantastic it does everything i need and well worth the small amount of money. Well done guys.
byAlart, February 9, 2010
Ajax Contact
At last a simple form that work fast with to much hassle, well done Douglas, nice work.
byAlart, January 29, 2010
Mosets Tree
What can i say, i have been using it for the past 2 months, i cant find a fault with the support and the product. I do think however it needs documentation, but i think this great component still deserves top marks, well done guys;-)
byAlart, January 15, 2010
Google Maps by Reumer
This is a great plugin, i had a small issue with the map not showing in IE, Mike reacted with a solution straight away and had it working fine. This guy is a star here is the answer the IE problem below...

If your using jQuery in your template add: