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Event Booking
Event Booking is extremely thorough in functionalities, covering all the needs of booking and selling entrances to any kind of event. This includes confirmation, cancellation, reminders etc...
Installation is as easy as any Joomla component. You need to know what you want to use to complete the detailed configuration, because almost everything is adjustable, starting with the various messages to customers, admin etc..
Thanks to the "translation" fields it is easy to replace the standard text with one more suited to particular type of event.
The only aspect that could be improved is the documentation to eventually customise some tables.
I have tried a few Booking extension I find this one the most versatile and usable.
Great job!
byAlek, March 1, 2011
Breezing Form, is extremely powerful and likely to be able to meet all your needs. However, the way to get there is not always as straight forward as you may have dreamed. I hesitated with SFG Form but choose Breezing because of its front head capacity, multi-level interfaces and added plugins.
The QuickMode is extremely easy to handle and has many useful tools such as ready made templates and a drag & drop hierarchy and others. Like always, the documentation could be improved but the forum, knowledge base and the Support are so responsive that they compensate for it.
I highly recommend Breezing Form and would buy it again.
byAlek, October 6, 2006
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Community Builder
Unlike other posters I appreciate all the work put into CB. Not everything is easy to do (but most things are), and it can build a community for you. These guys obviously know the community business. The "Community" button on the profile page can easily "not appear", but you shouldn't do that unless you've paid something. Just so that you can look at yourself in the morning. Your alternative is to spend a few hundreds on a ready made proprietary package or a few thoussands on a made to measure one.
CB is the best tool, even at a higher price.