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Alireza Yahyaie

byAlireza Yahyaie, February 4, 2013
I search the net for flight booking. I found this which has good ideas for its kernel and then order it. But my misfortune, Quan had appendicitis.
He is very busy and no time for small debugs. but I know he can solve all but without stress. I was in a hurry, and sent many mails and messages for Quan, I think, my messages cause stress for him, so he solve my request slow.
He customize some things for me and one was so great, it was another payment method for my local bank. I very thanks for this and wish Quan to manage his time and projects to finish his component fast and soon.
one another good news! Quan also gave me a discount on the occasion of Christmas.
I think that mtek did not check and take carefully look to the demo of flight book.
This component need to debug, There is no doubt, But If I was in his place, and had no personal problems like Quan, then share this component as non-commercial & after debugging, change it to commercial.