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Alison E

byAlison E, August 20, 2013
Bulk Editor for Virtuemart
I am very happy to have found this extension, and so far it has been incredibly useful. Just wish I had found it when I upgraded my site initially, but nonetheless I think it will help immensely with regular price changes on our imported products, that are frequently affected by rollercoaster exchange rates.

It's very useful to see things at a glance, and the only slight hiccup I experienced was when I found a product that hadn't had a tax rule applied; it corrected the price with VAT but also discounted it 100% to zero as the discount override is in the same area as tax, even though I had not amended anything other than the VAT rule. Fortunately it was only one product, and I could correct it again easily by disabling the override in the VM product details.

Thank you very much indeed for a very useful component!