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byAlisonM, October 22, 2014
JoomShareBar Pro
This extension works great as described with lots of customizations to fit it to your site style.

All that is great but the biggest asset to this extension is the service from Roy. WOW I've never seen anything like it. So helpful.
byAlisonM, August 15, 2014
Disqus Comments
Disqus was easy to install and hook up with the parent site.

Two Thumbs Up and stars all across for this enhancement to the core blog capabilities of Joomla!
byAlisonM, January 29, 2013
Just a heads up for folks looking for a cart system for artists or those selling one of a kind items this isn't the cart for you. Sadly I got this set up before finding out there was no way to limit the item for sale to 1 unit.

That said support was good and refunded my purchase. I just wish it had worked out. It was very nice to work with otherwise.
byAlisonM, December 31, 2012
Tweet Display Back
I found this excellent plugin on a template that wasn't working. So glad I found it - I've since added it to another site and just love how easy and customizable it is! Great job!
byAlisonM, September 10, 2012
Responsive Photo Gallery
The only way this great gallery could be any better would be to have the jQuery bit built in.

Really gorgeous mod and had to give props where they are due and they are definitely due here!
Owner's reply

AlisonM, believe me, the positeve reviews I have received for Responsive Photo Gallery would be far fewer if jQuery was active on installation. There are thousands of extensions and templates that also use jQuery and the general rule is... 'only one jQuery Library script should be active per page.' I'm sorry if this caused you some issues but I always try to play by the rules with all of my extensions! Thank you for your most kind review and comments. Both are most welcomed.

byAlisonM, June 11, 2012
Ozio Gallery
WOW could this amazing gallery get any easier? Worked perfectly right out of the gate and looks amazing on my site. Any reservation I had about their website not being in English was quickly whisked away by the ease of this amazing gallery!

Two thumbs up and more if I had them!
byAlisonM, March 3, 2012
Asynchronous Google Analytics
Gotta love extensions that do what they say they do and easily! I've been pining for an update on JAnalytics but my wait is over. Asynchronous Google Analytics has filled the gap beautifully.

When I get paid on this job I'll be back to pay my dues and say thanks with some $$'s!

Great work!
byAlisonM, January 11, 2012
Very Simple Image Gallery
After trying to get a simple gallery out of Phoca Gallery (love your other products but not this one) I came looking for a simple attractive gallery. This is it!

Does exactly what it says. Simple to operate. I liked it so much I downloaded their Simple Picture Slide Show as well.

Thank you so much! Alison
byAlisonM, June 3, 2011
Artof Editor
I was looking for a quick n dirty editor to do the job and this one is excellent. No fancy adjustments required just install/select and get back to work! I wish everything was this easy to work with! Great job!
byAlisonM, May 16, 2011
I came looking again for a blog/comment solution for a site I'm working on. It was a toss up between EasyBlog and WordPress for Joomla.

I'm pleased to report my choice of EasyBlog was an excellent decision. The app installed easily and I was able to migrate in my posts with minimal effort. I still have a few bumps to iron out but I'm thrilled with this product! Thanks EasyBlog!
Owner's reply

Thank you! Our main goal, is to actually allow users to use Joomla as their preferred blogging choice and of course, if you face any obstacles, please do utilize our support! :)