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I'm one of those inept folk who struggle enough with the front of a website, so I hoped Easyblog was just that - easy. It is, in fact it's a doddle to work with, and a joy to use.

And it gets better: on the rare occasions I've wanted to change something on the back end, I simply ask for support, and this is the 'miracle' bit, I get it! Recently hoping to adjust the size of the media manager upload thumbnail, I asked for advice and, virtually instantly, got an email suggesting a way of doing just that. It was all a bit technical for a luddite so I asked for further help. Despite my not even being able to provide FTP access details, over the course of a few hours and three emails, a member of the Easyblog support team had accessed the back of my site and changed things. The very large images I occasionaly upload now have the quality I desire.

I've been with Easyblog long enough to appreciate the benefit of upgrading from V2.0 to V3.0 and am looking forward to things getting even better with V3.5

I did try a couple of other Joomla blogging options before settling on Easyblog. All I can say is that I am, genuinely, hugely impressed with both the product and the support offered and cannot reccomend either highly enough.