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byAllseeingeye, January 18, 2012
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I think it is very important that people choose their words wisely when criticising other developers plug-ins and code.

Firstly, bare in mind, they give the normal Zoo Plugin for free of charge, how anyone can complain is just beyond me.

Actually, I tell a lie, I used to be the same with similar plugins, frustrated by my lack of understanding, problems, bugs and generally not being able to finish the job.

But as time has gone on, as I have grown and learnt more, one thing is for sure, YOOthemes are a double edge sword when it comes to their coding.

The template I have been working on, works flawless and when I have experienced the few hiccups, I find my way around with the neat and tidy code.

I think people expect way too much generally from their customer support, not realising the amounts of effort that must go into a huge project like this.

I also noticed how YOOthemes have revamped their whole site and are really looking into their customer service, I find it quite sad for the company that people are leaving bad ratings because of their frustration, impatience, and possibly lack of understanding, give them a break.

ZOO works perfectly with their own templates, if you have numerous plugins using various frameworks then of course you will encounter problems.

I admit, they if you purchase the ZOO and a template, you will have a little learning curve, but its never a bad thing to learn.

I have learnt an incredible amount from reading through their code and will be forever thankful.

I dont know the ins and outs or the more technical stuff, but for other noobs like myself, I find this one of the best systems out there and trust me, I have tried a few.

Keeping working hard YOO, I appreciate it.
byAllseeingeye, January 18, 2012
I dont know how the plugin works or where it pulls the quotes from, but they are all perfect for my site, its a great little feature to have on your site.

I will donate in 2 weeks when I get paid, fantastic little plugin.

Thanks so much
byAllseeingeye, January 18, 2012
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OSE Secure™
The peeps at OSE are truly cut from another cloth, I am truly inspired by their Codes of Art!

Plugin's like the one's OSE have to offer keep Joomla's Nose just ahead of other CMS's. I would trust nothing else for my business site's, the best thing of all, is they have everything you need to create a secure, professional and quality site.

Their latest releases seem to work flawlessly with the latest Joomla and despite my lack of really technical understanding, the documentation, the customer service and product make this a sweet deal!

I know alot of people might assume that the prices are a little high, but in my humble opinion, when your building a business online, the last thing you want is a problem with your site months down the line just to discover the script is no longer supported.

The family at OSE have been going since 2008 and seem to get stronger.

I absolutely love the products and am for ever thankful for the doors of opportunity they have opened.

Thank you so much and keep coding!

They build code like samurai's fold steel - Sorry for the pun peeps :)