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byAlmirSN, November 3, 2012
JLV Facebook Login
I was looking for an extension to allow the login of an user through his Facebook account and this extention is perfect for that.
Very simple steps to install.
Sometimes the button to connect is hided when collapsing the menus but this minor problem was solved by adding some text in the "post-text" field while configuring the module.
byAlmirSN, June 7, 2011
This is my first review on this site. I´m encouraged because this extension is as simple as it can but it does an excellent job.
Maybe it could have an option to open search results in another windows (always replaces site window, but it´s fine because the links of search results push the site back!).
Another great addition would be to present the search results in the body area of joomla site, keeping untouched the menus, other modules and ads.
If you want a search with the power of Google in your site, this is your choice.