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Very convenient.

You can use it to take notes as a developer but also as a Marketing or R & D people.
It will be very efficient in Intranet. And you can create in Joomla a common user per Department to let people of your staff to take a view at shared notes.

They are also plenty more possibilities that the fine settings of some permissions allows.

The only reason I am not giving 5 stars to this extension is that the component could be improved in terms of confidentiality for preventing the super admin to see some very confidential notes like a CEO or Top Level Management's note.

But this is very complex to do and the component is Free!
So thank you Compojoom for making it available for us.
byAlpharis, November 29, 2012
Impressive. Brilliant. Efficient. It should be included in the next Joomla version.
I tested some others free modules as background display but I did not succeed to use them. It's probably due to my lack of technical skill. But I installed in few minutes the bgmax module and everything worked well.

I particulary enjoyed the Fade effet and the random display for each page visited.
If you follow the documentation, everything should be ok for you too.

If you are using a Gavick template with JAT3, it takes one minute to do the basic setup. And there are other many settings avalaible for a fine configuration of the use of the module.

Many thanks to the author.

Did I mention that this module is Free!
byAlpharis, September 18, 2012
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Google Analytics Dashboard
With the help of the video, it will take you less than 5 minutes to set up the link to the Analytics API from the Google console and then enter your info inside this administration Module.

It's neat and well done and give a large overall on basic Google analytics.
And it's free!
So thank you very much for having developed such a module.
GMapFP : Google Map
It's the first review I am doing on JED and this component totally deserves it.

If you intend to deliver professional services based on Google Maps in your Joomla website, this is the one you need.

I have reviewed all the others Joomla Component maps before to buy that one.

In my opinion, no one in terms of price/quality does better than GMAPFP.

There are several features I appreciate a lot as the possibility to let your users store their own maps and Point of Interest. And also a possibility to collect from your users suggestions of other POI based on a map zone you have selected.

In addition, the developer is very dedicated to support and very responsive. I can confirm you that you contact him directly and exchange with him when you have bought the Pro Module.

I also tested the "Free" Module which works very fine too. But I encourage users who want to develop Map services to buy the Pro Version.

And the compatibility with the new 2.5 version is very positive for the Long Term Support of the Component.