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byAluizojr, September 19, 2014
Website Preloader
Oh yeah now I have a nice adaptable preloader on my website thanks to you guys! Outstanding work!

Really fun to report website activity while loading!!

With many themes, really fits any kind of projects :D

Thank you a lot again!
byAluizojr, February 26, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
This extension really is very important for websites which explores conditional exhibitions of it's modules. I wouldn't call "advanced" but yes "extended", because is very straightforward to use, out of the box. Once you start using, you'll never let it out. Also, will start to create conditional modules based on time, user type, templates, components and much more... awesome! Dev score a lot!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review :)

I'll let you do my support for a week and you'll know why I call it advanced! ;)

byAluizojr, June 27, 2012
JV Override Scroll
It's really easy to use and apply. And applies a nice touch to the site!

Working with modules suffixes works fine, but I'm having problems to select classes (or ID's)from "Custom HTML module" source code.

Besides, it's a great plugin!

Congratz to the developer!
byAluizojr, June 1, 2011
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Chronoforms really do the job!
A powerfull free J! extension to make forms, but also app-like forms, where more complex actions must be done. And an awesome support from the Devs and the community. Plenty questions were already answered, just use the Search ;D And make some tutorials once you get the hang of it.

Here's some things you can custom:
*Server side validation, which you can validate pretty anything that is sent. Just must know the PHP syntaxes...
*File Uploads: which you can custom file size, extensions and even rename...
*Custom mail messages: easy to compose automated mail responses.
*Plug-ins: nice add-ons to expand the power of your forms, or app-like forms.
*Access to the Form Code itself: after the wizard, make it nice with CSS and JS classes ;D

And many more, discover it!

Flexible, customizable, cool!

I'm still trying to remember...