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byAmema, April 10, 2014
JooDatabase Lite
I like the look and I like the frontend simplicity. That's a fiver. But for the rest...? Sorry, guys.

I use joomla because it's a tool to make nice sites without being a code wizard. I use it on an "IKEA level". That is, I'm not a carpenter who can or want to make my own furniture. Metaforically, you need to be both carpenter (html savvy), blacksmith (SQL savvy) and tailor (CSS savvy) to make this extension work at all.

It actually feels as if the whole point in using joomla - not needing to be code savvy - is totally evaded in this extension.

Joomla is a tool dependent on and created by other tools such as php, html, js and css. These tools work on a level below the complexity and ease of use of Joomla. Together they make something more complex and beautiful than themselves - Joomla. If I want to use Joomla as intended, I don't want to learn all the tools for making Joomla in the first place, in order to use it.

The first stumble block is creating a new database to actually do something. Pressing the usual New button to create a new database, you are asked to select the table you want to use from your MySQL database. There is no way to put in a new table as in ChronoForms or any of the other similar extensions. You have to create it through phpMyAdmin first, to be able to select it as New database, and that is sooo Not Joomla.

So, even though the looks are great in the demo, I cannot give you anything but a "very poor" rating, because as an average Joomla user, this extension is useless. If, on the other hand, this were a ful-fledged joomla extension, I would gladly pay the 50 euros to use the pro version, cause I somehow sense potential here.
Owner's reply

Sorry but your comment is unfair and highly unobjective as some of your other posts.

Instead of writing "I don't understand it" or "Its to complicate for normal users" you are flaming us. No word about the forum or the Documentation Database.

JooDB has a programmable Template engine. Of course it is not only "point and click". We never said this!

Some text from the about page:
"Wherever is light there is darkness also. JooDatabase was designed to be used as easy and flexible as possible. For you as administrator it means, that you have to know what your doing, as soon as you want to customize your database.

You should know the basics of CSS and HTML if you want to customize the design. You should understand SQL and how data is organized efficiently if you want to enhance your table. Also customizing templates can be frustrating without knowledge about the limitations of online editors."

byAmema, October 4, 2013
Among other things I run a member site for which I need better security. I chose to test Securitycheck.

At first I was impressed with the professional look and all different levels of security one may set, but when I wanted to show a possible customer the professionalism of the extensions, I uncovered that the htaccess protection was not working. Even though I had selected an extra admin url password, and the ext said everything was ok, there was no protection. I wrote to the forum and got the answer that I needed to upgrade and reinstall, but I do run all the latest versions, so I put reinstalling on hold and simply reverted to my previous backend protection with AskMyAdmin, which as proved itself over a long period.

My main purpose for using Securitycheck though, was the ability to blacklist IP numbers. I have a few "usual suspects" that ends up through Login Failed Log. The first two IPs are blocked, but the one's after that keeps trying to log in from time to time, regardless. So, probably something is askew even though the versions are ok. I still haven't found the time to make the reinstall for further evaluation.

Finally, today, I found a missing piece of function that made the decision for me. I need to create a few help admin profiles for specific tasks. I checked through all my extensions to set the permissions to No, but whoa!: this security extension lacks the Permissions settings in it's Global settings! I can't hide it from the other admins...

One would think that this would be a basic thing for a security extension that boasts about it's usefulness.

So, that's all folks. That was it for me. No more Securitycheck on my sites. I feel very much I just cannot trust it, which is a huge setback when it comes to an extension that is there to make me feel more secure.
Owner's reply

Hi Amema,

I respect your opinion, but I would like to clear some things for everyone who read your review:

Backend protection using htaccess files is working fine. Maybe it doesn't work for you, but believe me when I say this is a well tested
feature that works in thousand of sites that use the extension. If you understand spanish, you can read an article where the
blogger choose how this feature works (
You say you wrote to the forum and you got the answer that you need to upgrade and reinstall: THIS IS FALSE. Everybody can see the forum entry (
I did some questions, but I didn't told you what you say. You posted it and I replied to you quickly, but you didn't reply to me again...
I'm sure there is a simple explanation to your issue, but you gave me no option to see what was happening.
I'm serious: if I offer a feature in my products, I'm sure it works. Of course you can found problems, but I don't going to offer
something that it doesn't work. It's a nonsense...

The extension works fine blocking two IP address, but the third you added is not blocked. Are you sure there is no typos?
Blacklist feature has no limits: it can block one or thousands of IP address. Of course, you said it's a problem of the extension...

Yes, the extension doesn't offer the ability to hide it from other admins. This is a must in my TODO list, but I haven't time to do it yet.

I'm really surprised about your review title. You say you don't trust in the extension but, did you do some test to prove the extension? How can you evaluate the extension if you don't do tests? Are you a security expert? I can offer lots of examples of how the extension works: you can see them under the 'Joomla Security' paragraph of the forum.

I do a great effort to offer this extension for free. Despite being a free product, it's comprehensively tested to protect against lots of threats. I have included several features to make admin's life easier (as the 'Easy config' option), but everything can be improved.


byAmema, February 11, 2013
Kide Shoutbox Lite
I've been using Kide for a few months and suddenly the mod wasn't working anymore. At first I thought it was due to an upgrade to J2.5.9, but no, rather java trouble on my page. JoniJnm readily helped me anyhow, upgraded his files and was around until I had installed everything and it started working again. Big kudos!
byAmema, November 26, 2012
QuickIcons for JoomShopping
Installation went well and they seem to perform as intended.

I just very much miss an indication on the buttons what extension they belong to. That's a pain.

I use quick icons for other extensions as well and the seconds it takes to stop and think about what the button does, is approximately the same time it takes to go through Components to Joomshopping, so they are no advantage, more an addition to the confusion.
Owner's reply

The problem with show icons resolved. Download corrected file and reinstall.

byAmema, October 10, 2012
I just needed a way to keep tabs on all small things to do in every new page of my new (and huge) joomla site. I didn't want another receptacle as we use Hoduma for the big stuff and I will use Fabrik to make todo's and such. But for the on-the-run-stuff I hadn't found a solution. Until now!
byAmema, September 15, 2012
Good idea, but the backend UI needs some addition, like:
Why must I memorize the ID of my question to enter it in the module after having entered data in the component? Why not a dropdown window?

Why does the pic in the homepage look like it's halfway to alpha test, when the pic in JED leads us to believe that it will look pretty nifty? The description says you "can" change the CSS, but it rather looks like you "have" to do it.

Voting did't work either. The list I wrote is visible, but there is no explanation on how to vote in frontend, and klicking the numbers will get you nothing.

If you need something quick, pass this one up, if you're not a CSS wizard probably.
Owner's reply

thanks for the alert, I will try as soon as possible to accommodate your requests.
if you want we can talk in more detail in the contact section of my website.
I am very helpful, as you can see in the comments of my extension "notice board" so in the future, before giving a vote that penalizes contact me and I will solve all the problems of the extension ... also because to me the extension of course work, the breast would not have published, but just that there are modules on your site that are conflicting or different configurations of the server ... so I need your help to switch from a beta version to a stable.
let me know and solve everything :)

byAmema, September 10, 2012
It would seem that this ext would suit our needs - several clubs with different persons in it, but the developer has put in a lot of possibilities without making sure they really work together.

1) I get an error when installing about a missing argument.
2) It would seem that this ext is only usable for one club, but I don't understand the three groups Persons, Members and Board. I would assume that a member is a person and may be on the board - not that these three types are different.
3) I can't find any way to establish teams, working groups or any such thing.
4) Trying to add people, after getting an error for missing something, there is no way to save the 2nd try. You need to go back and fill everything out correctly from the start.
5) Adding a date, the calendar just pick the value for the month and leaves the date string as 'j-11-t' which gives an error etc (see #4).
6) Membership items need start and end dates. That means that I can't add anybody who's got a 'lifetime' chore without inventing an end date.

I would like to be able to use this to manage several clubs, or at least teams/work groups within a club. I would like to be able to save things in an orderly fashion. I would like to be able to decide what fields to show in the backend, not a plethora of overlapping info or things like a 'deceased' field that makes my stomach jump every time I see it.

All in all, a good try, but it should not have left the developer's workbench just yet.
Owner's reply

to 1) Please check the latest version.

to 2) Yes, it was designed only for one club, which is representeb by the website.

to 3) Building teams i a feature request which has towait until Joomla 3.x is supported.

to 4+5) With the latest version CM is now using the standard Joomla Editing Process. Please give it a try.

6) End date of membershipscan be empty (-> currently active member)


byAmema, February 7, 2012
List of Articles in Content
Beware. This extension comes with a cost. It's not really non-commercial. It's "commercial" because there is a very ugly multicolored ad begging you to buy the pro version for $18 after every use of the code in an article. It looks bad and juvenile and in this case it clashes horribly with the rest of my page, so much so that it's unusable, even though the ext itself is quite nice and would get a rate of 4 if it weren't for the aggravating try to sell a "free" product.

I feel very un-inclined to pay the 18 bucks to be able to get rid of the line, as I was taunted into believing the extension was non-commercial. Really bad practice by this fickle developer, IMO.
byAmema, January 29, 2012
JUNewsUltra Pro
5 stars for looks and usage, but it would seem it crashed my whole site, so if you try it, be sure to do a backup first. (It could be a conflict with other, older extensions, not necessarily this addon - who knows?)

It looks really nice and was very easy to install. Not entirely bug-less (can't handle hyphens), but very neat and hopefully upgraded soon.

It's a pity all info about it is in Ukrainian, so it wasn't easy to find a link to the author. (I haven't had an answer yet, so I don't know about level of service.)
Owner's reply

Please update to JUNewsUltra v. 3.0.0!

byAmema, June 8, 2011
Deluxe News Basic
I wanted a "miniblog" in a sidebar, and this ext does this excellently. Thanks a bundle!