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Amiel Horowitz

byAmiel Horowitz, September 16, 2014
YRPrice Calculator
I was looking for a quoting system for my website and after some pre-sale questions which were fully answered, I bought YR Price and installed it.

I had some work to RTL the component, but since the CSS files are very well organized, I had no problem finding all the setting I needed.

Support: THE best! really, shortly after posting a question I got the answers which were detailed and very professional.

YR Price is good for responsive websites and RTL websites. Works great with non-Latin characters and in general - serves as a great tool for getting traffic to your website and presenting your services to potential customers.

I recommend YR Price and I thank the talented developers for developing such a superb component!

Amiel Horowitz
byAmiel Horowitz, August 15, 2014
I purchased RSMediaGallery for displaying a newspaper articles gallery with images description.

After some bugs were fixed by the developers, I realized that the gallery can't function as an RTL gallery.

I contacted the developers and they explained that the component doesn't have RTL support. As my website is RTL and I can't use a non RTL component, I was fully refunded.

This kind of accountability should not be taken for granted! RSMediaGallery provided me with excellent support and fully refunded me when the conclusion was that the component can't serve 100% of my needs.

The component is great, but unfortunately not for RTL websites.

I would gladly repurchase the component should it have RTL support.

Horowitz Amiel
byAmiel Horowitz, May 18, 2014
Anything Tabs
Very easy to use, works like a charm, the file "anything_tabs.php" allows css adjustments.
Thank you!
Amiel Horowitz
byAmiel Horowitz, January 8, 2014
Best tickets component! Works like a charm: easy configuration, very good interface both for user and administrator.
My hosting provider had to cancel suhosin on the server for the component to be installed.
Before that I contacted the developers support for a solution and this is the kind of support you dream of when you are told about customers support! I quickly received elaborated and useful answers to all my questions.
Great work, fantastic component and wonderful support!
Recommended for any one who is looking for a ticket support system with best support ever.
byAmiel Horowitz, January 8, 2014
IPrice calculator LIGHT
The component is working fine on 3.2, easy to configure and does exactly what it's meant to do.

1. The interface isn't responsive.

2. Email sent to admin doesn't show the currency selected by the user. This is a problem if you allow your users to switch currencies and you can't know from the email you get what currency was used by the user.

3. When the user changes currencies in the interface, all previous data they entered is erased and they have to reenter all their preferences.

4. NO SUPPORT! I posted 2 issues on the developer's forum regarding the email without currency symbol and I saw there were other unanswered issues regarding this. No answer what so ever after more than a week.

Recommended only if you can do without the above.
byAmiel Horowitz, August 31, 2012
I'm using Digistore for online selling of RTL templates for Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and HTML. After many years of using Virtuemart for online selling of products, I looked for a dedicated component for downloadable products and all though VM has this feature, I found that Digistore is the perfect answer for selling downloadable products!

After installing Digistore, I had more than a few issues regarding the store's layout and functionality. Ijoomla's support it absolutely AMAZING! Alin solved every problem I presented to him, whether it was a minor bug or even personal customizations to the component. Merav is very attentive to each post on the forum and each ticket at the help desk.

At the moment, Digistore component is running smoothly on my website and fits the website's design and the downloadable products (RTL templates), like a glove!

My favorites:
1. Each downloadable product can be set to require a specific domain on which it will be installed. Very useful for supporting paying customers and increasing sales by specific licenses.
2. Automatic reminder emails are sent to the users as defined in the subscription plans.
3. Store layout: store categories, category products, product page, cart - are symmetric, aesthetic and very pleasant for browsing and making a purchase.
4. Control panel is very user friendly and allows quick access to all features, including the language file!
5. User account is very well organized and allows users to manage their downloadable products, orders, invoices and personal details.

2 Things I think should be improved:
1. System auto emails requires configuring the editor (JCE in my case) to full paths instead of relative paths to images and links send via auto emails.
2. Digistore functions perfectly on RTL websites such as mine, but manual customization is still needed.

With all that said, I think Digistore is a PERFECT component for selling downloadable products and online services. Adding to that the AMAZING support by Ijoomla's help desk and forum, you can rest assure that you buy a very good component which will serve your needs better than you can imagine.

Amiel Horowitz
byAmiel Horowitz, July 20, 2011
Estate Agent  Improved
I bought the extensions, installed it and had to do some work to make it RTL. Not only is this extension the BEST real estate extension for Joomla, their support is absolutely amazing! Giannis at the support forum always has answers to all questions posted and even modified to files for me, since I'm not a PHP programer.

For all users who need a professional real estate extension: fully trust EA Improved extension! buy the extensions and if you need support, I can honestly say that EA Improved should be a MODEL for all Joomla support systems.

Thank you,
Amiel Horowitz