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byAmritos, March 6, 2012
Vinaora Nivo Slider
For easy, simple, beautiful slides, this is the one I like the most.

Fits my needs perfectly, and the Nivo script really is smooooooth. Most other scripts isn't as smooooth as this one.

I recommend it. :-)
byAmritos, February 19, 2012
Article PXFont Size
I really really need this on some sites.

It is fairly easy to add some parameters so you can float the content left or right, but the positioning is a bit trickier. Can ofcourse be done with absolute positioning, but it would be neeter to just be able to place the icons in a position or attach the icons to a specific div. This would be fairly easy to do with some Javascript...

Any chance you will add the possibility to place the icons in a module position or inside a ID-specific div?

Thanks for a great plugin.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment!
-"Any chance you will add the possibility to place the icons in a module position or inside a ID-specific div?"

-Ok. I'm working on it. In addition, will also support third party components.
Un saludo

Workflow for Simple Content Versioning
The title says it all... ;)

Seriously, you don't need to know much to use versioning and workflow, just a little bit of logical thinking.

I SOOOOO have longed for this to be Joomla Core because that WOULD more or less be a real competitor and alternative to massively expensive commercial, and often worse, CMS's.

Thanks for making this. :-)
byAmritos, November 21, 2011
Works really great. The interface might need a little face lift though, and I couldn't get the exclude field to work, but it doesn't matter.

This component saved my father ALOT of work.

Owner's reply

The exclude fields currently works only with the "process option" on the main screen since it is possible to also enter the excluded fields on that screen. I plan to modify the code to pickup the exclude option values by default on the save menu item when I have time. However, as this is a free component, that will have to wait until I have a bit of free time.

byAmritos, August 12, 2011
Youtube Gallery
Have only used it on two sites, but it really made my life easier and certainly the maintaining of it is just really easy. :-)

I added slidingGallery.js so I could style the gallery, and have a slidingGallery the way my customer wanted. :-)

Thanks for a great product
byAmritos, July 28, 2011
This is by far the best slider I have tried, and I have tried most on this site.

Actually signed up for an account just to leave this review.

There are ofcourse always room for improvements and enhancements in most cases, but with this one, I can't think of one as of yet.

And yes, you can set the speed and delay.

Thanks for a great module and component.