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Xpert Scroller
Something I have noticed with a lot of image gallery display extensions concentrate on the flashy/pretty "look at me I make your web site awesome" element. As a consequence they don't have anything genuine to bring to a *productive* user experience for the site visitor.

Xpert Scroller is refreshingly different.

I think the strength here is that the creator has kept it both simple and real. The component is easy to install and has genuine flexibility in terms of how it functions on your site.

With this site, it's enabled me to use a greater level of imagery to convey the sort of branding that I want to put forward for the event.

In the articles that I have set to display through the scroller, the thumbnail image and text has been at the top of the article, followed by a "read more" break and the full size version of the image. In each of these articles, in the Advanced Parameters I have also set "Intro Text" to "hide".

What this means is that in addition to the navigation menu, the site visitor can click on an image in the scroller. This then causes the content of the article to be displayed in the content pane on the page. In this case, the visitor then sees the large version of the image appear with any further descriptive text. Visit the site to try it out for yourself.

Whilst I did wait for about a week to receive a reponse on the discussion forum regarding a question, the follow-up posts received responses pretty much straight away. On a practical level I can't really fault the experience, though I was wondering for a while if the forum post (saved for moderator approval) had instead been lost in the system.

All up, it's an extension that — used properly — has something very real to offer to the user experience of a web site. For me, it's a "keeper".