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Android Heaven

byAndroid Heaven, August 7, 2012
I had been looking at various options to strip out those horrible plug in tags as I use my xml feeds for the app version of my site. After looking at some rough and ready options I came across this plugin. It installed simply and after the plug was enabled it just worked, all my feeds in my app no longer contained all those horrible tags! What I like is the flexibility of the plugin. By entering just "*" in the text box it strips out ALL tags which is just what I require at the moment, however if at a later date I require some tags to remain in the feed then I remove the "*" and just type the names of the scripts I DON'T want and it will leave the rest I don't mention. Great plugin and the fact it is free even better! If you use feeds and have tags then I would definitely recommend this plugin.
Joomla version 2.5.6