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byAndyG, July 30, 2014
This is a great solution to adding structured data to Joomla. All the other CCKs duplicate large amounts of good Joomla functionality, which is just like reinventing the wheel. FieldsAttach has a much better approach in just adding a layer on top of Joomla, nicely augmenting the existing UI and features.

It's a fantastic solution, Thanks!
byAndyG, December 11, 2013
TCVN Auto Login
Nice wee plug-in, works well, clean code, does what it says it does. Used it in 2.5 and 3.2 ok.
Rapid Contact
This is an excellent module, simple to use and configure, very useful.

My only slight complaint is that there is, I think, no way to do template overrides with it. If it supported template overrides, I'd give it 5 rather than 4.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Since you aren't sure about whether or not a feature exists, you could have contacted me before reviewing, to learn that Rapid Contact CAN be overwritten by a template, and in fact it is even pre-installed with some templates that overwrite it. Thanks again.

byAndyG, August 1, 2013
CoalaWeb Social Links
Great module, thanks, works well, lots of options and simple to use
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review CoalaWeb Social Links every review is much appreciated. I'm really glad you found it simple to use it's one of my main goals.

byAndyG, February 3, 2013
Good tool, well supported and developed, essential for any big VirtueMart sites.
Thanks RolandD
byAndyG, August 2, 2012
Filter and Search for K2
I've been using this extension with K2 and I think it works well. I'd read support was good, but I didn't need it, so all the better. I though it was all fairly self explanatory in set-up and use too.

One thing to mention, the set-up of the module does not totally fit in with what you might expect in relation to making template overrides. It is customizable via overrides, but not all of it, so I did have to modify the module itself for a couple of tweaks. That said, that's a minor gripe, and on the whole it it excellent.
byAndyG, June 26, 2012
No general feeling on this extension, but on a client's site it broke the JomSocial Registration form. It didn't check fields and all registrations got a "Session expired. Please try again later." error.

This was with JomSocial 2.4.2 and Joomla! 2.5.6.
Owner's reply

Hi Andy,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We did not receive any sort of support request otherwise we would be happy to help resolve the issue. Please let your client know that they can contact us at

byAndyG, March 28, 2012
I've used this for a while, and it always works well, thanks.