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byAndyTheAstronomer, January 5, 2013
B2J News Loader for K2
Allows the listing of K2 items in a highly-configurable, attractive and easy-to-configure way. A very professional job indeed - it really makes a website look more professional and interesting.

There are two improvements I would like to suggest:

1. The ability to order items by title (ideally by category and then title!)

2. When you click an item in the index to open it, it should open in a new page (like an item normally does from the default K2 index system). At the moment, it opens underneath the index - and if the index is off the bottom of the screen, you won't see the item unless you scroll down.

Apart from those recommendations, I'd like to congratulate the developers on a near-perfect (and free!) extension. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for the review, we will keep up the good work and provide you with best free extensions, check for updates periodically, and you'll find all the needed options in our module!!!

Happy 2013! :)

byAndyTheAstronomer, January 4, 2013
Mini K2
This extension allows you to make your K2 listings look a *lot* more interesting and slick than the standard listings. It's easy to use, and tweaking the CSS allows you to customise it in order to get the look and feel correct for your site.

One minor gripe I have though: when you click an item to read it, the item opens underneath the listing. If your listing extends off the bottom of the page, you won't see this happen, and you'll be left wondering (as I was) where the item is. Far better, in my opinion, would be to open the item in its own window, i.e. in the way that items open from the normal K2 listings. Is there any chance this could be made available as an option?

Apart from this, I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this extension, and many thanks to the developers who built it. It's a great job - definitely one of the very best K2 extensions.
byAndyTheAstronomer, October 8, 2012
Related Content for K2
This module brings a much-needed "related content" option to K2. While you can create such a module yourself with the K2 tools, it's very basic. K2 Related Content content allows you to customise the image and information which is shown for each item - full text, intro text (with letter limits),image size, category and so on. THE definitive K2 module for displaying related content and making it look attractive. Great work and a must-have!
byAndyTheAstronomer, September 8, 2010
What can one say? Kunena, in my opinion, is the *only* Joomla forum which is remotely of any use. It's stable, feature-rich, easy to install, easy to configure and use and a real joy to work with. Plus, the prompt support I've received on the website has been exceptional.

Look no further. This is the one. And the future looks bright.
byAndyTheAstronomer, February 9, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
Installed without problem, and was up and running in seconds. Unlike another reviewer, I had no problems running it with SOBI2 either. If you want an easy, professional-looking social bookmarking extension, look no further. Excellent work!